Saturday, May 17, 2008

Back to the Middle

"Spring Turning" by Grant Wood

My exploration of borders is not a rejection of Midwestern roots. In truth, I'm more in love with the Midwest than ever after our recent road trip back from the US/Mexico border. Even driving dreary Interstate 80 across the state of Iowa was tantamount to entering into a three-dimensional animation of a Grant Wood painting. Mr. Border Explorer aptly remarked that the countryside reminded him of an Andes mint: rich dark chocolate earth bordered by the soft, new green of springtime.

I'm captivated again by the rain, the color, every flowering bush and tree...and the countless small Midwest towns replete with flowers as well as charm.

"Spring in Town" by Grant Wood


eProf2 said...

Ah, greenery after the brownness of the southwest deserts. My wife and I lived in WA, OR and the far north of CA for more years than we can count. Yet, for all the greenery, we missed the desert, not so much the brown dirt but the openness. The wide open spaces where you can see for miles and miles. The open spaces highlight the mountains and plateaus and big boulders. Of course, we miss the greenery but we're always happy to be back in the desert, too. I guess every place has it's own beauty. Seeing it is the trick.

Border Explorer said...

I never expected how much I'd fall in love with the desert. I don't know exactly what element captivated me. Since I'm used to the big skies of the plains, it wasn't that. But now, upon returning to the Midwest, I am absolutely starry-eyed with the beauty.

The landscapes are so different. How can I love them BOTH so much?