Sunday, May 18, 2008

Exploring the edges

The masthead "explorer" lives on the Border in the U.S. parking lot at the port of entry at Palomas, Mexico.

Exploring on the margin takes some of what it's got:
  • stamina to tough it out
It'll get uncomfortable.
  • flexibility to stretch into the unknown
It's difficult to leave the familiar.

  • willingness to get down, get dirty
An ability to handle inconvenience and discomfort
  • humility: earthiness (of the humus)
Not going to be a glory position for most of us
  • some grit
This is a short list to get the mind started.
When were you on the leading edge? What did it take to get there? To stay there?


dada said...

Nice post!

Discomforting. That's because it makes me think. And, when I do, one of my primary emotions is guilt.

Still hoping to one day be on the 'leading edge'.

Palomas is in the middle of a war zone.

eProf2 said...

BE, I've tagged you to play "memememe." I got tagged from DK Raed. Normally, I wouldn't play but there all of about five people who come to my blog and they probably have figured out who I am and what my background is by now that posting the memememe will only fill in some blanks for my friends.

Border Explorer said...

Dada: Wow, can we talk?? I'm experiencing a lot of guilt lately, related to hurting a friend. Although I hate guilt, it helps me discover where I need to change. Lots of people avoid it, I'm told.
Palomas is in pain. That hurts me, too.

eProf: I wondered what meme was when DK tagged you. I have no idea what this means. I'll await further instruction. Thanks for thinking of me.

eProf2 said...

Hi BE:

Go to my blog for today, OK, I'll Play: Another MeMeMeMe. There you will find six items for you to answer if you would like to play too. Copy and Paste the whole post into your blog. Delete everything but the questions. Then fill in your own responses. If you know of others who might like to play, place that in your post and send them a message telling them you've been memememe'd. Have fun!

D.K. Raed said...

"When were you on the leading edge?" I think it must've been about 40-yrs ago. After that, the edge got soft & I got softer. But now, I think the edge is getting closer, so I may find myself there again. Perhaps it'll be a bit less intense this time. I can always hope.

B.E., these meme things have a life of their own. Kind of like a blog chain letter. I usually don't do them, but this one was fun because it helps bloggers to see other bloggers as people, not just computer screens. Look at EProf's today. Look at mine from yesterday. If it looks like fun, play along. No obligation. Totally up to you.

dada said...

B.E. I do what I can to try to kill these meme's, but they have a life of their own.

However, I must note how much I enjoy gaining a little deeper insight into blogger friends.

And having said that, I'd like to thank DK and eprof for tagging me. It's always an honor, but as my dad told me long, long, ago, "best to hold a little back and remain a mystery then to give too much of oneself, too soon." (Or was that my mother who said that? Yeh, maybe.)

Anyway, it worked on Dad and I'm glad.

~Dada (or as I heard someone recently call me, "The Texas Chain Letter Massacrer")

BE - yes, we must talk soon about this guilt thing you're experiencing.

Border Explorer said...

Well, Dada, LOL (as eProf would say)at "The TX Chain Letter Massacrer." Nevertheless, I'm working on a draft of meme and I'm not going to change the fact that I'm also awarding you the same honor that DK and eProf did. Sorry! Now you wouldn't want me to think you're less than courageous, would you? No, just kidding: more honestly--no pressure.

D.K.: Loved your answer. Heck, I even loved that you answered my question. I'm really interested in experiences on the edge. I wish I were braver, but I work with the softness I've been dealt. Thanks so much for visiting here and for your comments.