Friday, May 23, 2008

See for yourself: post-ICE raid on Postville, IA

It will take 5 1/2 minutes of your lifetime to watch this report:

Iowa's a small state; so, I know Sr. Mary. We need comprehensive immigration reform. The Washington Post covered the raid with a story and slideshow. "Why," the townspeople ask, "does the government target the workers and not the company?" To date no charges have been filed against Agriprocessors (that I know of). Meanwhile the union claims that important witnesses in a suit filed against the company (because it allegedly hired children!) are being deported. Cooincidence?

Living in Iowa now, I'm privy to info about the raid that doesn't hit the press. Use this address to donate to feed the families that are taking sanctuary in St. Bridget's Church:
Saint Bridget's Hispanic Ministry
Attn. Paul Real
PO BOX 369
Postville, IA. 52162

I'll keep you posted on Postville.


dada said...

Thanks BE for sharing this video and keeping us posted on real news that doesn't make the news.

Border Explorer said...

Dada, your comment means all the more to me knowing that you don't feel well. Thanks for your on-going support, shown here by taking the time to respond.