Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Erasing Every Trace of Us"

Voices from Lomas del Poleo:

Watch this. Then tell me that your blood isn't boiling. (This post follows up 6/23/08 post. I must get out of the way and let the people tell their own story.)


dada said...

Thanks again, B.E., for following up on your original "Grim's Fairy Tales by Border Explorer" blog.

I think I could write a chapter on this and, yet, I can see where this particular video might not get much commentary because of the extremely shocking treatment by the "mainstream" upstanding citizenry of progress who can with their $millions (or as suggested during the symposium, their $billions) afford to hire punks and thugs to intimidate and terrorize the meek, struggling to survive and make a future for themselves and their families like many of us unsympathetic, apathetic humans enjoy and take for granted.

But it's all about respectable business versus impoverished, annoying, gnatty "squatters", isn't it?

I make no effort to conceal my disdain for my species. While I enjoy, sometimes love, many of my fellow mankind, I am a committed pessimistic misanthrope for our future on this planet precisely because of the way we treat each other as well as other life forms far more deserving of this Earth than we are.

I would sincerely like to think there is hope for Homo sapiens but, sadly, I confess, I see none. Perhaps that is my flaw. Or perhaps I am clairvoyant! (I pray I am the former--a flawed eternal pessimist--yet my loss of hope, to me, suggests I am merely being sensitive to our future on Earth.)

Truly, if there is to remain any hope, it is in the hands and hearts of people like you and Mr. B.E. whom I truly admire, because you continue to do battle against incredible odds.

Thanks again for caring, for posting this, and good luck in your ongoing struggles vs. the powers that be.

DivaJood said...

How does a civilized society knowingly raze homes?

We walk past homeless people without a glance; we ignore entire neighborhoods with poor people. If someone is brown skinned, and poor, it is as if they don't exist. They are not part of civilized society so they are to be obliterated from our beautiful mind.

This is the mentality of the uber-wealthy, who are far from civilized. What have we become as a nation, to allow such actions to continue?

eProf2 said...

Unfortunately, almost everywhere in Mexico is undergoing struggles such as this one in Lomas del Poleos. The entire state of Chiapas is under seige over land battles as are parts of Mexico City and elsewhere. While everyone praises the PAN for bringing about a two party system in Mexico, what is overlooked is the unleashing of unrestrained capitalism now spreading across the country. How else could Mexico, in the midst of huge poverty, have the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim, counted amongst them. What we are witnessing in Lomas del Poleos is a microcosm of the entire country and a great deal of Latin America as governments instituted "market reforms." The videos on this situation are remarkable reminders that honest, down to earth folks are being caught in the grinder of conflict over land and wealth. Add to it the drug wars and Mexico, a beautiful and inspiring country in so many ways, is a mess right now and it will take a whole lot of good people to straighten it out. Mexico has had a revolution every one hundred years over the past two centuries, both starting in 1810 and 1910. Is that on the horizon for 2010?

Border Explorer said...

Dada, thank you for your presence here on this post. I'm moved by the eloquence of your response. I share with you (as you've already figured out!) a skepticism about the future of our species on this earth. Born an optimist, I've relented now and think that it's maybe better for the planet if we all would just step aside. And indeed it seems likely that we're well on our way out by our own hand. It is the people of Lomas del Poleo and the billions like them I'll never know who still give me hope that there is any place worthy of us. And, likewise, it is people like their assassinated lawyer Carlos Avitia who are the humans who deserve life.

Thank you for your kind words re. the paltry efforts of our little B.E. family. We appreciate the Dada Family as companions on the journey of life and co-workers for a more peaceful and just earth. Our thoughts and hearts are with you in the wounded Borderland.

Border Explorer said...

Diva, while there are no good answers to those questions, I treasure the questions. Thank you so much for reading the post and watching the video. I so appreciate your willingness to stand with me, appalled at this spectacle.

I know from your blog that your own pain would be more than enough to be present to at this time. Bless you for making room in your heart for the pain of the poor around the world and in Lomas.

Border Explorer said...

eProf, what a comprehensive and insightful response to the Lomas situation. Your comments regarding Chiapas, Carlos Slim, PAN, rampant capitalism, market reforms, etc., etc.--right down the line--put this all in context for us once again. I really appreciate your perspective. "Caught in the grinder" really names it for me. I'm preoccupied by the pain of these faces, these voices.

I sat my husband (also a former professor) down and made him watch the video. His response: "it's like watching another accident caused by another drunk driver...This is happening all over the world...Lomas is just another example." He's right. And for me, it's the "Proximity Factor" at work in that Lomas is located not many miles from where I peacefully sleep half of the year. That makes it harder for me to deal with.

D.K. Raed said...

I am just catching up here, B.E. I really had no idea it was this awful. The preying of rich upon the poor, the strong upon the weak, these are the behaviors that strangle all humanity out of us.

Watching this vid & the previous one puts the questions in my mind, what if it were me, what if I were born into that situation, what would I be able to do, how would I defend myself, my family & friends, what behavior would be off-limits to me in that defence.

The wonder to me is that these people who have been preyed upon, tortured & murdered, are still willing to play by the rules, to seek redress in court, when their very core must be screaming out for revenge. I hang my head. They are better than I.

Border Explorer said...

D.K., sincere thanks for your comment which literally brought tears to my eyes. Sharing this story with you and all the bloggers who read about and/or commented on this situation is healing and motivating for me: healing--helps me recognize & deal with the grief; motivating--makes me want to involve myself to address this situation.

Earlier this year, my husband and I discussed a Palestine trip to accompany families whose homes were in jeopardy. Diva helped me to see that that same mission is only 5 miles away when we're in TX.

Thanks much, DK, for such an empathic response.