Friday, June 13, 2008

The High Water View from Here

Iowa is under siege. This photo shows the Mississippi River water visible from my front yard. Even this hasty snapshot reveals the engulfed trees at riverside. Where I live is high enough that my dwelling likely won't be affected, but flooding is widespread and we are all affected. Everyone has a story to share.

My sister's family in another city evacuated their home last night. A couple tornadoes passed overhead here but didn't fully form or touch down. The rain is relentless. Note threatening sky in the photo above; we don't see much sun. A city street six blocks away from me closed a few days ago. Interstate 80 which transects Iowa is closed; through traffic must detour. I don't remember this ever happening before although I've lived in Iowa most all my life.

The proximity factor is high for me. As flood-swollen creeks and smaller rivers feed into the Mississippi, things will worsen here. Thanks for your concern, already expressed, as news of our situation dominates the media. I'm safe. I'll keep you posted.

Later on Friday: I walked around the neighborhood to take some shots of the local flooding:

Pumping out a cellar. Some people have several feet in the basement. For others, water is inundating the home. Note also the lime green sandbags in front of this business, ready to be placed. The rivers are expected to continue to rise. We're not near the record-level crests yet that are expected.

Davenport doesn't have a flood wall, so it erects temporary walls of dirt when needed. Here you see one that spans a major street. The truck carries sand/dirt to the site. The Caterpillar packs it down.

This is the second flood this year so far!

Just 4 blocks from my place, but......(next picture, please)

I took this one when standing behind the sign in the photo above, looking up the hill. We live almost 5 blocks up the hill from this point. We're in good shape (so far). We didn't lose electricity in last night's storm and our sewer is holding--two dilemmas others faced last night.


dada said...

Wow! So glad you're uphill from the M.M>! Thanks so much for the photo (which is enlargeable for those who didn't click on it).

Somehow Mrs. Dada knows where you are there, so she goolged a map to show me. When I saw how close you were to the M.Miss., I gasped! But your photo has us feeling a little better.

Can imagine how very inconvenient it must be trying to get around with so many streets and highways underwater, to say nothing of the folks whose homes are inundated.

Is this the effects of global warming?

DivaJood said...

B.E., I remember about 10 years ago when the Mississippi flooded - it was horrific. Stay dry.

And hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Tim Russert just died. He had a heart attack today doing a promo for Meet the Press. He was only 58.

Border Explorer said...

Thanks for your concern, both of you! Just leave it to Mrs. Dada to have the info-at-hand. She's amazing. Tell her "thanks" or, better yet, ask her to read/view this.

Interstate 80, which transverses not only Iowa but the whole nation, is closed across a major percentage of our state. The detour reroutes traffic an extra 150 miles!

And Diva, you're right. Flooding is a periodic battle. This, they say, is going to be worse than the flood of '95 (maybe even '65?).

(I can hardly believe Tim Russert can possibly be dead. Yet, he is.)

Border Explorer said...

Oh, BTW, I'm spending the weekend with my mom, so I won't be around the internet much. Just wanted you to know so you wouldn't be worried if you don't hear from me.

eProf2 said...

Yes, thanks for the update. While you first introduced us to the proximity factor re: undocumented workers, your closeness to this scourge of mother nature is very real, I'm sure. Enjoy your mother's company and we'll wait for your next post. Take care.

D.K. Raed said...

Oh B.E., I've been wondering how close you are to this mess and now I see, very scarily close! We've been hearing that the river will continue to rise, maybe 10-ft this week before it crests. I hope it has stopped raining at least. I hate to remind you, but after all this subsides & is cleaned up (more or less), there will be mold & mildew issues, vermin & other problems to deal with. Many displaced animals (wild & pets). Our hearts are with you!

I've been scarce, too, arranging to rescue my nephew's dog mauled by a pitbull. Here's here with us now, healing & recovering.

Border Explorer said...

DK, sounds like you have flood experience. This is the closest I've ever been to one.

Sorry to hear about your nephew's dog. I hope he's getting along OK.