Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is one small step for a man a giant leap for humanity?

Exhibit A: Mr. Border Explorer stands with left leg in the United States, right leg in Lomas del Poleo.

Yes, it is that close to:

  • assassinations
  • home razing
  • barbed wire access to homes and homesteads
  • "gated community"=someone else's goon decides who may visit you, who may not
  • median wage=$.50/hr if you're lucky
  • no health insurance, no IRA or retirement plan
  • no home security

But, come to think of it, if the reasons for what the right leg suffers originate from where the left leg stands, just where is the humanity?

Further: what happens to the poor of the 3rd World may well befall us of the non-uber-rich (we who are not in the "have more" class) in the United States, as well. In fact, just inside the U.S. border wall of El Paso, the Segundo Barrio (or 2nd Ward) may be "urban developed" into non-recognition in a plan masterminded by the same real estate outfit (the Verde Group) that could be behind the scenes in the Lomas real estate dealing. [There's more info on Segundo Barrio at Paso del Sur.]

So below we have a video showing the Lomas folk and the Segundo folk joining forces in a joint protest in Juarez. Mr. B.E. and I could not attend it as we were already committed to sheltering undocumented immigrants that day. Now, watching the video and seeing my friends in it, my blood runs cold as I wonder if they will be next to fall under the assassin's bullets. The degrees of separation are tightening.


DivaJood said...

What have we become?

In the book and film "Shoah", a Polish farmer whose land butted up to one of the concentration camps was asked how he could ignore what was going on. He said "If you cut your finger, do I bleed?"

My answer is yes. If you cut your finger because we've diminished you, we all bleed.

And this is as true of the Nazi Holoucaust as it is of the Border Fence between the USA and Mexico, and the Separation Barrier between Israel and The West Bank and Israel and Gaza - and it makes me ill.

Robert Rouse said...

I wonder how many US citizens realize just how close they are to a real Third World situation.

eProf2 said...

BE, I've nominated you for the Arte y Pico award as one of the five best blogs on the Internet. I would have sent you an email describing the award but I don't have an address for you. So, please stop by my blog to pick up your award.

Border Explorer said...

Diva, you are indeed a diva--as this comment proves. Just when I was starting to think that I'm obsessive on this subject you offer the perfect response that makes me realize that I want to become MORE obsessive, not less, when it comes to injustice--whether I'm butt-up against it or half a world away. Fantastic comment. Thanks so much. Again, blessings of healing and relief from your pain (and your toxic work environment) be yours.

Robert, I'm sure that I did not realize just how close our nation was to a real Third World situation before I got down to the Border myself. I've since learned that the U.S./Mexico border demarcates the greatest disparity in wealth anywhere in the world. It's a remarkable place, and sometimes I don't mean that in a good way.

eProf, I am truly surprised and honored. I'll see you at eProf2.