Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Love Letter to my Blogging Friends

I will go to great lengths/heights for you. Here's a little vid of the
Davenport flood I took from the Skyway. [Warning: it is really dorky!]

Other bloggers have opened my eyes to wider ramifications and connections this flood triggers. I link Enigma who beautifully parallels federal response to Katrina and the Midwest Flood '08.

DivaJood drew me into the metaphor the flooding can represent vis a vis our nation's involvement in the Middle East...getting in over our head and being instructed to "stay the course"...being led by a crazy fool into deeper waters. [c.f. her comment to yesterday's post here.]
Let Pete Seeger lay it out for you:


DivaJood said...

B.E., I don't know why you think your video is dorky - it is far from it. BTW, you happened to get a shot in of a casino I went to with a friend a while ago - so it was really strange to see the footage - very strange.

Thanks for the props. I hope the worst is over, and clean up can begin.

And, I stand corrected. The DAMN fool says to push on.

Robert Rouse said...

I currently live at the juncture of three rivers in Fort Wayne, IN. The Maumee, St. Marys, and St. Joseph rivers are all within 200 yards of my front door. The Army Corp of Engineers has done a remarkable job at keeping us safe. I'm not even considered to be in the flood zone. That said, if we had the kind of rain the rest of the Midwest has had over the past few weeks, then I have a feeling we would be refugees right now.

Great video, by the way!

D.K. Raed said...

B.E. you are a YouTube pro! That was excellent! So strange that the casino is still operating? Is that what the gangplank is for? WHO is their right mind (and this coming from a native Las Vegan) would be looking for some casino action right now? It's risky enough just walking around in the water.

Enjoyed the Pete Seeger, too. Their is a version that says "damn fool" but I'll be damned if I can recall who put it out. And yeah, DAMS are so appropriate to this whole mess, eh?

D.K. Raed said...

(please overlook all the typos above; the dogs are barking at lizards & birds so I better go reel them back inside; it's probably 105 outside now)

dada said...

Was the gangplank so the peons could slither inside, don masks and aqualungs and dive to retrieve the change from the slots?

Excellent local coverage of your conditions, BE! As divajood says, nothing dorky about this. This is raw (not that raw! - quite professional, actually) firsthand coverage. Thank you so very much!

This blog is becoming, not just news coverage, but entertaining news coverage! (The Seeger vid was excellent. Wish he'd revealed the morale of his song. [grin])

Jamie said...

I'm programming my Pandora radio channel and I need some suggestions for good "Ranchera" groups to add. I love the music, but I'm not familiar enough with the groups to select the best. The closest I've come is Ronstadt's "Canciones de mi Padre". Help.

enigma4ever said...

thanks for the shout out, and for the great video and did not think the vid dorky at all, good for you !!...and yes, I am as always so tired of trying to get the stupid king to take care of us PEOPLE....urgh....

( I am adding you to watergate blogroll- hope that is okay?)

enigma4ever said...

great post....and I loved the video- so I borrowed it over at Watergate- hope you don't's a great video- and you have done a great job blogging the floods...( and you can put Pete Seegar up anytime..)

Border Explorer said...

I'm a day late and a dollar short in this response! I thought I had posted something yesterday; now I see it was unsuccessful. So sorry!

Diva: Thanks for your encouragement and, for heaven's sakes, if you're ever back to our fair city, I hope you'll let me know. I've never lunched with a diva and you could make my dreams come true. My treat! OK?

Robert: I sure hope you're safe. There are hundreds of people in Cedar Rapids who weren't eligible for flood insurance because they didn't live in a flood plain who are bailing water as we speak.

DK: I bet the heat is getting to your animals. The casino is closed, actually. It would be a real gamble to fill that boat with people right now.

Dada: As always you are the encourager and I'm so appreciative. I'm confdent in our friendship and that you are not associating me with the dreaded "infotainment." haha. You can thank Diva for the Seeger reference. I love his passion on the last verse.

Jamie: I like Ranchero music also, but--like you--I don't know group names. It's always been music in the background for me, often with no D.J. or any way of knowing what I was listening to. Sorry I'm no help to you. But I'd be so happy if you'd share what you learn with me when you find it.

Enigma, I'm thrilled. Thanks so much for re-posting the video and for adding me to your blogroll. Thanks for all the great music I'm learning through you, too. I love Watergate Summer.

DivaJood said...

B.E., if I am ever again in Davenport, I will certainly let you know - but it is highly unlikely. However, if you are in Los Angeles ever we can drive down to San Diego and protest Blackwater's training camp.

Dada, the Seeger song was refering to the Vietnam War.