Sunday, June 22, 2008

Welcome to My World, part 1

"Dwight's"* property borders our community garden. I first met him last summer on my first time around in this economically disadvantaged neighborhood. He is a fixture here. A hand-written sign in the window of his shanty-home advertises his offer: Lawnmower repair, $25. Neighbors told me stories about getting their lawnmowers back from his "shop" in various pieces.

I felt proud when Dwight shouted out to me last week: "Girl, girl!!" to get my attention as I was headed home down the alley behind Dwight's backyard. I was proud that he recognized me; he considered me a friendly presence--no name necessary.

Dwight has diabetes, and the whole neighborhood considers it a responsibility to remind him of that. Since Dwight gets a good share of his diet from the neighborhood food pantry and the free "cafe" for the poor next door, we all see what he selects to eat. And he has a sweet tooth. These photos show his 2 liter bottle of Bubba Cola is the non-diet variety! "Tisk, tisk, Dwight," we remind him. "Should you be drinking that?"

He takes it in stride.

*name changed

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