Sunday, July 6, 2008

Anger Management 101 and 102

Thinking that things have been heavy here on the Border Explorer, today I'll share anger management techniques:

101--get your anger out in safe ways
In this video we see a talented, beautiful, sexy, young-woman-with-attitude take "no flack from no one." I completely identify with her (except I'm not young, talented, etc. etc). She is what young Clint Eastwood would look like if on estrogen.
Note how "Hasta Siempre" loses the hymn-like character we saw on 07/04/08's version.

I particularly like the AK-47 part (at 1:25) as well as how she withers the CIA guy with a glance. Cool!

102--laugh a lot with your friends
A couple extremely cool bloggers brought the following video to my attention. I fully credit the multi-talented and twice Arte y Pico award-winning Diva Jood who "shamelessly stole" (her words, not mine) the video from Padre Mickey's Dance Party. To borrow the words of Richard Nixon, "I am not a crook" but merely copy-catting those who are way-cooler than I. I urge any who have not already visited their blogs to do so. And to make it easier for you to watch this video which released more endorphins than a bottle of psychotropic meds, I'll repost it here:


Mnmom said...

Love the interpretation of the Joe Cocker song - I never understood the big attention he received. He always reminded me of some strange guy at a college party who'd drink too much and start talking nonsense while standing on the coffee table.

DivaJood said...

What a contrast between the two versions of Haste Siempre. Right now, given the state of OUR nation, I think I relate more to her version.

Border Explorer said...

MNMom, I can soooo relate to your comment. I was amazed at the comments people wrote on the Joe Cocker video about how he was "so great...even when stoned...sang with such passion." I never understood it

Diva, I relate with the Nathalie version of Hasta Siempre, too. Not only for the state of the nation, but for all the big and little frustrations...hmmmm, maybe it's my menopause talking.