Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Border Explorer receives Arte y Pico Award

I am taken aback and so very honored. My blogging friend eProf has bestowed on me the Arte y Pico Award for blogging excellence. In communicating his decision, he said: "BE, I've nominated you...as one of the five best blogs on the Internet."

I picked myself up off the floor about five minutes later. I don't feel like I deserve that kind of praise, but, I mean, how do you argue with a professor? Isn't that pretty futile?

Although new to Blogger, I've been around enough already to visit blogs with lots of awards running down their alternate column. An award is not something I ever thought I'd be displaying. And this Arte y Pico award is lovely...plus the name is in Spanish. How neat is that? eProf, I want to say a humble and sincere thanks to you. Although we're electronic friends only, your comments and your blog are a part of my day I look forward to with anticipation. This award will be a permanent and cherished fixture here on the Border Explorer.

My responsibility as a winner is to bestow the award to five other blogs. I chose the following from among my many favorites:

1) Tim's El Salvador Blog is so consistently excellent that I'm enrolled on his email list so it's delivered to my inbox as it is published. Tim puts his journalism skills to work writing topic-specific posts on El Salvador. Brief, concise, relevant, interesting since 2004, he has built up a significant following for a reason. If you're interested in El Salvador, Tim will keep you updated.

2) Even before I visited Bolivia, I met Jim Schultz on The Democracy Center blog. While in Cochabamba, it was a pleasure to meet him in person. His blog is a top-notch resource for English-speaking people who want info from the perspective on-the-ground in Bolivia. The country is complex, but Jim's intelligent and creative approach is equal to the challenge.

3 )Lillian/Lilly threw herself into the grinder which is migration between Central America and North America this year. She occasionally blogs about her rehabilitation therapy with train amputees and migrants and her life on her blog LL in Tapachula, which she writes to keep her family and friends updated. It deserves a much wider audience. This is what blogging is about, folks.

4) The Diana Washington Valdez Blog informs regarding the war-in-progress in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico...a war against women (femicide) and Mexico's "Dirty War" involving the drug cartels...from her perspective of investigative journalism. She is a personal hero for me. Her relentless search for truth and justice could most certainly cost her her life; she modestly states, "I'm just doing my job." She has also authored The Killing Fields, the definitive book on the subject of femicide in Juarez.

5) Who doesn't want to hobnob with a diva? Connect with DivaJood on Journeys with Jood and you get your chance. Her concern for good writing, her sharp intellect, her wit and wide ranging interests will make your visit a pleasure. A world traveler, Diva's heart is as great as her intellect. She's a real, authentic human being (one meets too few of these, unfortunately)--and a Cubs fan, to boot. I have loved getting to know her during my time on Blogger and recommend her highly.

The blogging world, a rich one indeed, is the richer for all six: these five and for eProf. I am honored to be numbered alongside them.


DivaJood said...

B.E., congratulations on your award. You have a passionate blog here, and I check in daily. Your series on the destruction of this border town has made me deeply uncomfortable because of parallels I see with Israel/Gaza. I appreciate this discomfort, because it is a situation that needs examining. We only do that when we are uncomfortable.

As for you giving me the nod, I am absolutely flattered, and surprised, and humbled. Thank you so much! And did you check out the gown on the award? Amazing!

D.K. Raed said...

Congrats to all! And now, some new blogs to look forward to, too! As to arguing with a Professor, well just stray from his field of expertise --- hmmm, problem w/EProf is discerning what that stray field might be; the man has wide-ranging interests & knows his stuff.

eProf2 said...

BE, thanks for the nice comments. As to arguing with a professor, I'll bet you argue with one all the time: your husband! Thanks, too, to DK and her kind words.

I completely agree with diva and how we gain understanding when we are made uncomfortable.

Now, I have five more blogs to put into my arte y pico bookmark folder. I think I'm up to about 25 or so, way more than I could possibly check each day but a great resource when I'm specifically looking for an insider's view on my search topic.

And, again, you are very deserving of this Internet based award. Wear it proudly!

FranIAm said...

You deserve your award and you have some interesting blogs for me to check out here.

I went to Bolivia, but not to Cochabamba. I was in La Paz y Lago di Titicaca tres anos pasados.

Border Explorer said...

Thanks so much for your comment, FranIAm. Now let me say that I LOVE your blog & visit daily. Since there are always so many comments, I seldom leave one but your writing is superlative. The money shot story was not-to-be-missed. Everyone, check out FranIAm. Congratulations on your own richly-deserved Arte y Pico award!

BTW, I blogged Bolivia on Travelpod. We visited Coch, the southern department of Tarija, and Santa Cruz. I was sorry to miss the area you visited, though.

Border Explorer said...

Diva, the Arte y Pico award dress is indeed worthy of a diva. Thanks for your comments. Thanks even more for your daily visits and your contributions here. I am delighted that you've been twice blessed with the Arte y Pico award.