Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obama on "Walls:" A Speech/Policy Disconnect?

Obama waxes eloquently about tearing down walls but supports, nevertheless, present and proposed future wall construction between the U.S. and Mexico.

Express your concern about the plans for more border fences and the walls under construction on Obama's comment site:

He must get his words and his policies in sync. For more thorough treatment of this topic, visit eProf's post: Obama on Walls.


dada said...

Thanks for holding Obama's feet to the fire. My only concern is, "Does he feel the heat?"

Last Friday eve's local 'policy party' soliciting input from Obama supporters (part of a series of such parties going on simultaneously nationally) leaves me skeptical.

Over the years I've attended such public forums seeking our input. From the nuclear waste storage facility in Carlsbad, hosted by DOE, to Sierra Blanca's hearing on accepting New York's sewerage, to our own dirty air deaths hearings of ASARCO's permit to reopen their arsenic spewing plant within our city limits.

It felt so good to express our concerns. What we didn't know was everything to be decided had been decided before the hearings. But we felt better expressing ourselves. It made me feel like maybe I mattered. (I don't)

But once more, I will attend your link B.E. and I will speak against this wall. It's an obscenity of unimaginable proportions.

Thanks again. ~Dada (reminded once more this election year how really near to complete eradication I am)

Randal Graves said...

We are in the nation we are by accident of birth. Yeah, I'm an American. I could easily have been a Mexican or Canadian or French or Spanish or Tajikistani.

Politicians sure do love applying band-aids to gaping wounds, don't they.

Border Explorer said...

Dada, look on the bright side: if (when) we're eradicated (by our own hand a.k.a. suicide), the planet will get along much better and all the other creatures will be happy.
Thanks for trying, anyway.

Randal, RE. your two points:
1) Yep, won the birth lottery. Tra-La-La, now let's have fun.
2) How do you plan to effectively engage this principle in the Jood campaign?

eProf2 said...

BE: The photo of the wall in Columbus, NM, kind of overwhelmed me when I opened your page this morning. That wall wasn't there in 2000 when we visited the Pancho Villa State Park and the train depot museum and could look across the vast openness between Mexico and the United States. Some will say 9/11 changed all that. I say hogwash, politicians needed a scapegoat and have been harranging so-called illegal immigration and terrorists ever since.

Thanks for the email address for the Obama campaign. For what it's worth, I'll send them my opinion on his vote for the wall and his disconnect in the German speech (I guess that's what they're calling it). Take care.

DivaJood said...

It is a terrible disconnect between his words and some of his actions. We must keep him accountable, and we need to help him do the right thing.

My real fear is that John McCain becomes the next President - what then?

Border Explorer said...

eProf, that wall is a jolt to the system. I believe it went up between my first and second "rounds" in the SW. There was a fence there in 2006, but in 2007: this monstrosity. Disheartening. Expensive. Does not last, according to my friends, due to the sand underneath. Does not cover the border. Ecological nightmare. I can't think of a good thing to say about it.

But thanks for telling the Obama campaign how you feel about it. We have to work with the candidate we have since we don't have the candidate we wish we had.

Hogwash indeed.

Border Explorer said...

Right, Diva. I fear another administration of this regime will kill us all. Actually I sometimes wonder if we'll make it out of GWB's 2nd term alive. In the daylight that might sound like inflamitory language, but at night...the questions arise.

I'll vote for Obama.

Diane said...

I heard on the radio that after Obama's Europe tour, McCain is 3 points ahead of him in the polls. How can this be?

I realize that he's not the perfect candidate, but how can many people believe that McCain would be better?

Border Explorer said...

Copied from Craig Crawford's Trailmix blog:
Two Gallup Polls, One Day: McCain And Obama Both Ahead?