Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh, what fragility, what vulnerability!

photo: post-flooding residual damage blankets LeClaire Park, Davenport IA

Fragilidad - Sting

Frequently a song chooses me, popping out of the machine and summoning me, siren-like. Fragilidad by Sting helps me grieve the assassination of the lawyer of the Lomas Del Poleo community. Beyond that, it laments all the sadnesses and vulnerability we fragile humans experience. Lyrics are HERE, but here's my own ("gringa-Spanish," non-poetic) translation (improvements welcome). Enjoy it and do your own grieving...the menu is endless.

Already tomorrow there will no longer be blood
as the falling rain washes it away.
Steel and skin—such a cruel combination,
But something will continue to remain in our thoughts & minds.
Thus, an act will finish a life, and nothing else…
Nothing is obtained with violence,
Nor will anything ever be gained that way.
Those born into this kind of world
Don’t forget their fragility.
You cry, and I cry
And the sky cries too, the sky also cries. (repeat)


FranIAm said...

This is not just a post it is a prayer, a cry, an act of love.

Thank you BE.

Mariamariacuchita said...

Beautiful musica!!! I had not heard about this lawyer's assassination? murder? Was it cartel? I will have to google this now!

See me in December??? Now I'm really curious.

Border Explorer said...

Fran, you're absolutely right! I hadn't noticed until you spotted that. Heartfelt thanks.

MariaMaria, you'll find more info about the assassination and it's ramifications on my thread about Lomas del Poleo. Re. December: I shall return to TX (El Paso, actually) for Round 3 of Border Exploring. I'm fascinated by the Border culture and am learning so much. Who knows? Maybe we'll meet someday.
Good English website for info on Lomas is
Good Spanish website is

Mariamariacuchita said...

Thank you...