Thursday, July 17, 2008

Updates from an Iowa activists listserv

Telling fact regarding working conditions at AgriProcessors:

When Paul Rael, director of Hispanic Ministries at St. Bridget's Church in Postville, spoke at the Decorah Rotary Club last week, he reported that since the May 12th raid on the Agriprocessors plant three consecutive groups of new employees have been brought in to Postville--and not a single employee remains from those first three groups.
---commenter Diane's remark here on 7/12/08 is verified.

Donations needed for Food Pantry at Postville

The Postville Food Pantry volunteers have struggled to keep up with the need to help supply food for the families who have no source of income. These families must wait either for a hearing or for a loved one to leave prison and have no way to earn an income. The Food Pantry is serving as many as 100 people in an afternoon. The Postville Community Response Committee is asking those who are concerned about the situation to send a $20 donation. This will allow the Food Pantry to purchase approximately the following items for a family of four: rice, beans, a can each of fruit and vegetables, a box of cereal, eggs, and a $5 coupon for milk.

Please send your donation to the Postville Food Pantry c/o Pastor Steve Brackett, St Paul Lutheran Church, 116 Military, Postville IA 52162

--I can't be in Postville, but I can still help.

And a Rally! SAVE THE DATE: Rally and March in Postville, July 27 , 1:00 p.m.
An Inter faith prayer service followed by a March and community gathering.
The march is a call for immigration raids to be stopped until fully evaluated, a call for support for those affected, and encouragement for the community. In addition to local folks, there will be people coming from Minneapolis and other areas, representing religious groups and others who have been supportive (one of the organizers is a Jewish organization in Minneapolis that will bring a couple of bus loads of people).

--Interesting that that AP story called it a "protest" but the organizers consider it to be a positive show of support that includes a call to stop immigration raids. Thanks to eagle-eyed reader eProf for first noting this AP story.
--Finally: a new (to me) blog I've discovered is Essential Estrogen, Iowa women bloggers whose efforts merited a subscription.


DivaJood said...

listening to the Holly Near song, reading your post. It could have been me --- donation sent. Thank you, thank you, for all you do. I am overwhelmed with your passion and efforts to shine the light of truth on this disgraceful event.

DivaJood said...

and I linked this at my place

Border Explorer said...

Now, I'm overwhelmed by your show of support. Diva, knowing you face uncertain times yourself makes your generosity all the more impressive.

So glad you like the song. It's a long-standing favorite, recently on my mind frequently.

Diva, you know how I love your site. I'm honored you'd link me there. Thanks so much.

Mariamariacuchita said...

I love your site!
You are also from Texas. There is so much work to do to take back our democracy!!
Adding you to my links.

FranIAm said...

As if I did not already think the world of you, Holly Near!

On to this post- wow, great stuff. Divajood said it best - your passion and your efforts to shine the light of truth.

You are living the kingdom in the right now.

Border Explorer said...

MariaMaria, thank you so much for your comments and for the link. You're so right: there's work to do. So glad to know you in the lucha.

Fran, thanks so much--as always. Hope you had a good day at consultation. I'll write back real soon. Why am I not surprised that you love Holly Near?

Essential Estrogen said...

Just wanted to drop by to say thank you for the link. I'll be covering the rally in Postville next Sunday. With any luck, I'll have video and photos to share.

Border Explorer said...

Wow, the internet amazes me sometimes...thanks E.Estrogen for your visit! Also I compliment Maria Maria for reprinting in entirity Erik Camayd-Freixas' paper. Do not fail to read it.

Dusty said...

I will be sending the wonderful Pastor a few bucks as well. I am SO glad Diva linked to you on her blog. We have crossposted it at Sirens Chronicles.

Thank you for all you do to keep this sickening issue front and center. ;)

Border Explorer said...

Dusty, I'm so honored to find my name on the Sirens Chronicles, linked in Diva's entry. Thank you very much for your contribution and for intervening to get the message out to more people.