Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cheer 'Em On: Marching for Unity against the Border Wall

The Peace and Unity March in opposition to the US-Mexico "border wall of apartheid" begins tomorrow. This 56 mile walk stretches from McNary to El Paso, TX for five days, August 27-31.

Texas has 1250 miles of border with Mexico, about 65% of the entire US-Mexico border. That means at least 65% of border residents are opposed to the border wall because, representing their border citizens and communities, the Texas Mayors all along the Texas-Mexico border have stood up against this border wall, even entering into a lawsuit against the federal government to stop the construction.

Now it's time to convince Congress that America cannot be the world leader of "liberty and justice for all" while walling itself off as country...and becoming an international gated community.

El Paso is the Far West Texas anchor city of the Texas-Mexico border. The El Paso section of the border wall--56 straight miles, will cut through heritage and culture, through lives, through beautiful crop lands. The wall will harm everything that the border community reveres. A coalition of local, state, national as well as border organizations--including groups Mr. BE & I work with when we're in El Paso--are galvanizing, organizing, sponsoring and endorsing the walk.

Express opposition to the "iron curtain" at the southern border of our country. Texas is standing up to the imposition of this demented scheme. I hope you'll support them.

In honor of the the Peace & Unity March, my posts here will consider the Border Wall during the coming five days of the walk. Tune in tomorrow for My Very First Music Video--the world premiere here. You're invited to the red carpet. Formal dress optional.

photo caption: Mr. & Ms. B.E. walk parallel in different countries--separated by a border fence which has since been replaced with a wall.


FranIAm said...

Anxiously awaiting...

I loathe walls. Very much.

I don't think you ever saw this... Long before I knew you!

Mariamariacuchita said...

I can't wait to see your video. What program did you use. I like iMovie for small things and Final Cut for film. But I use a Mac.

There is much mixed emotion in Texas on this wall issue, depending on where one lives. Law enforcement has told me the wall will not make much difference because there is so much Texas coast to use for entry.

So....will they wall off the ocean too??

This a political, "let's throw a bone to the right wing" approach, not a problem -solving approach.

thailandchani said...

I don't like the idea of walls, either! It's just inconsistent with everything I believe.

It's important to get beyond sectioning off the earth into small political entities that oppress each other.


Randal Graves said...

Look at you two flaunting international law, decorum and making baby Jesus cry by siding with the Mexcan turrists.

Fancy dress optional? Whew!

Border Explorer said...

Fran--great post! I love your style! And content!

Maria: I used Windows Movie Maker. It came on my laptop.
I never thought about the ocean. OMG!
Like you, my point is that this wall idea is simply posturing that is ineffective...and meanwhile destructive in many ways.

ThaiChani: Oh, yes! Yes, yes, yes!

Randal: Your campaign duds will more than suffice. (No need to bother Baby Jesus about this stuff. He's busy pooping.)

eProf2 said...

See you tomorrow at the world premiere!

susan said...

Writing letters to Congresspeople and Senators is always a good idea.

I promise to dress in my usual formal attire.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm looking forward to your video.

Didn't China once build a wall to keep the "barbarians" out? It didn't succeed. That's the bit the newscasters at the Olympics forgot to mention.

This wall won't accomplish its supposed purpose either. It must makes us look bad.

Border Explorer said...

eProf: I'm saving you a seat in the front.

Susan: good reminder! I have not yet done that on this topic.

Ruth: the Olympic coverage covered over some of the seamy aspects, I guess.
The wall is just one more reason "why they hate us."

The vid is up and running on YouTube. See you here tomorrow.

Marjorie said...

Richard needs some help on this one, you might consider....