Monday, August 25, 2008

JFK--Martyr for Peace, Killed by the State

"We are all jurors in an ongoing trial to find the truth of John Kennedy's murder. Most of us have fallen asleep; some left the chamber, and others don't even care anymore. But a few, a very small few, have been paying attention for the last 45 years as arguments for the prosecution of Lee Harvey Oswald, headed up by government lawyers and their lackeys have been constantly countered by a volunteer and unpaid defense team for the truth..." so begins David Neil's review on Amazon's website of James Douglass's thoroughly researched tome, JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters..

At a book reading/signing event this weekend, Douglass himself summed up his 500 pages in a few sentences:.

On our behalf, at the height of the Cold War, John F. Kennedy risked committing the greatest crime in history, starting a nuclear war..
Before we knew it, he turned toward peace with the enemy who almost com
mitted that crime with him. .
For turning to peace with his enemy (and ours), Kennedy was murdered by a power we cannot easily describe. Its unspeakable reality can be traced, suggested, recognized, and pondered. That is the one purpose of this book. The other is to describe Kennedy's turning. .

For an hour, Douglass told the story, now traceable thanks to the JFK Records Act, of how our government--the national security state--conspired to assassinate Kennedy, who became a martyr for peace. The depth and deceit of this evil, which words cannot describe, can only be called "The Unspeakable," a term coined by Thomas Merton. .

For an hour, Douglass led me from denial to a new level of awareness of the total failure of the Constitution in the Kennedy assassination, a failure from which the nation has never subsequently recovered. The event, in effect, was a coup--orchestrated and overseen from the highest levels of government. That historical moment was a defining one for my Baby Boomer generation. At the time the succession of presidential leadership was touted as an example of the ongoing effectiveness of the Constitution, a peaceful and effective passing of the chief executive office at a critical and chaotic time. The truth was exactly the opposite; the cover-up completed the deal. .


Douglass cites Kennedy's speech at The American University as pivotal in expressing a vision of world peace, turning him into a "marked man" on the hit list of the forces of the state security team. Kennedy's vision: .

What kind of peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children, not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women, not merely peace in our time but peace for all time. .

It was, Douglass asserted, no coincidence that Edward and Caroline Kennedy selected American University as the location from which they proffered their endorsement of Barack Obama as the Democratic candidate for president. Rather, in so doing, they suggested that in Obama they saw a man who, like JFK, could once again take up and promote a true vision of peace. .

While 75% of Americans believe that there was a conspiracy responsible for JFK's assassination, it is hard to imagine just how many will believe it was a conspiracy of this magnitude. I'm sure Douglass's skeptical critics won't let 100 pages of end notes prevent them from nay saying his thesis. Read the book and decide for yourself how credible the account. We can not allow entrance to the Unspeakable again. .

Photo caption: Mr. B. E. and I visited briefly with Jim Douglass prior to the event at Border's. Mr. B.E. participated in the White Train action that Douglass organized in the 1980's to document the passage of nuclear materials as they were transported throughout the United States. .

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Mariamariacuchita said...

I was living in Dallas, in grade school when he was killed. My mom took us to his route so we could watch the Kennedys and Connolly's drive by shortly before he was shot. I remember going back to school that day and how the entire school cried. It was a dark day. There were no consequences and none of us thought Lee Harvey Oswald was the killer. Oswald was conveniently killed. Jack Ruby, who shot Oswald, was also conveniently dying of cancer. But America wanted closure and Oswald would suffice.

DivaJood said...

The Pax Americana is what the PNAC seeks, a global dictatorship of American supremacy. I believe that the PNAC was involved in a conspiracy that caused 9/11/01. I will read the book. It makes me sick.

Border Explorer said...

Maria, from the distance of my Iowa classroom, I felt the blow strongly. But your retelling from your experience on the scene is overwhelmingly powerful and poignant. Thanks.

Diva, great application to our contemporary experience!
Sorry I'm always making you sick here. I'm sick, too. I suppose if you're not sick, you are in denial or disengaged. There seems to be lots of that in the U.S. of A.

Distributorcap said...

oh do you hit a nerve with the whole JFK thing.....

that is where everything started to go downhill........

i will read this when i have more time

thanks for such a terrific post

eProf2 said...

Whew, your post takes my breath away. As you know, I'm concerned about the possibilities of losing the Constitution, if we haven't already and still don't know it, to the military or a military/industrial complex, to quote Eisenhower, the president just before Kennedy, ironically enough. (Sorry about the lengthy sentence.) I'll order my copy of the new book today. Thanks for bringing this work to my attention.

Border Explorer said...

Holy crap! Such high praise from you two--two of the best thinkers I read. Thanks so much.

DCap, you are dead on (sorry to say, pun intended). Douglass envisions a trilogy--three assassinations explained. This is where everything turned bad.
[Your post today is fantastic.]

eProf, Ike worked with the M/I complex 8 years, gave that speech, & then handed the mess to JFK. JFK had campaigned as a warrier, but turned to peace. He was killed. We haven't yet recovered. Hope you'll like the book.

D.K. Raed said...

This book is going on my list. It is a subject of intense interest. For me, it's no longer so much the WHO killed JFK, it's the what and why behind the killing. Thanks for turning me on to the direction this author is exploring.

I was 12-yrs old, yet it feels like yesterday. I can still see Jill crashing her head into the sewing machine in front of mine in Home Ec then slowly slumping to the floor as the news was broadcast over the P.A. --- while Brenda proudly announced, "I don't care if he died; I'm a republican". How does one ever make sense of that?

Mnmom said...

Another martyr to peace: Minnesota Sen. Paul Wellstone.
He alone among the nation's leaders spoke out against the Iraq war, and weeks later his plane goes down under sketchy circumstances. This paved the election for Norm Coleman, who tows the neocon barge perfectly.

The "official" stories about JFK, 9-11, and Paul Wellstone stink
like an old dead trout in the sun. We must demand the truth.

Border Explorer said...

Excellent reminder, MNMom!!!
With covert operations SOP in D.C., how can we not be skeptical of that plane crash?

D.K., powerful incident! It was a defining moment for each of us.
I hope you like the book. I'm getting underway now. I trust Jim Douglass, the man and scholar.

Blueberry said...

I have read many books over the years on this topic, and *most* of them present their cases strongly. One thing is for sure as far as I'm concerned, there was more than one shooter, so it was a conspiracy, and I personally believe it was our government officials responsible, although I don't know which ones. So many factions and entities had motive.

I visited Dallas about a year or so before we moved to Texas (back in the late 90s), and visited Dealey Plaza. Sat down and cried, and couldn't stop. The place has not changed much over the years, so it all seemed fresh again. (I could never live in Dallas for that very reason)

I have a couple of JFK-related links on my sidebar. It's an issue that should be kept alive.

Mariamariacuchita said...

BE, you were one of those who requested some info from the Human Trafficking conference...posted a bit this afternoon at my place.

Robert Rouse said...

Remember when the emergency escape chute/slide opened prematurely from the tail cone on Obama's campaign plane? I thought that was very suspicious. We're lucky there was a great pilot on board.

eProf, if you're concerned about the Constitution, perhaps you should follow Border Explorer over to Uncommon Sense and join us. We're always open to new voices. We happen to believe in freedom of speech.

Border Explorer said...

Thank you, Blueberry. You are passionate on this. For good reason. I'm new on the bandwagon in comparison.

Maria, I'll be over.

Robert, eProf would be great on Uncommon Sense.

And is it not very sad that we immediately think those kinds of thoughts and begin feeling uncomfortable/threatened upon hearing about those kinds of events (as in Obama's plane)?

susan said...

The mysterious deaths of JFK, Robert, MLK, Malcolm X, Wellstone and the horror of 9/11 have long been an interest of mine as well. Far too many bizarre coincidences and never any explanations rational enough to satisfy even a minimally competent jury. When we finally watched Oliver Stone's 'JFK' the first thing my husband said was, 'That was the best movie about 9/11 I've ever seen'.

The David Ray Griffin book 'The New Pearl Harbor' is a treasure. I'll add this one to my reading list with thanks to you for drawing it to my attention.

btw - I was a 16 year old student living north of Toronto. We'd just finished writing a history exam and I remember our teachers crying along with us at the news.

Border Explorer said...

Back atcha for 'The New Pearl Harbor.' My husband and I don't think 9/11 adds up either.

Douglass's trilogy will cover deaths of MLK, Malcolm X, and Robert Kennedy. He's got the research done & I hope he lives long enough to write them all.

The the moment of notification and days following JFK's death are also frozen in my memory.

Border Explorer said...

Back atcha for 'The New Pearl Harbor.' My husband and I don't think 9/11 adds up either.

Douglass's trilogy will cover deaths of MLK, Malcolm X, and Robert Kennedy. He's got the research done & I hope he lives long enough to write them all.

The the moment of notification and days following JFK's death are also frozen in my memory.

Mnmom said...

The numbers don't lie . . .
How many liberals have died under questionable circumstances?
How many conservatives?


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Frightening stuff . . . and mostly new to me. Something to think about.

And this is the second reference to Uncommon Sense I've seen today. Since I also believe we're losing our democracy, I'll have to go check it out.

Robert Rouse said...

Let's make it a little more frightening. Aurora, CO police made a traffic stop and foiled a plot to kill Obama during his speech on Thursday with a high powered rifle.

Border Explorer said...

Robert, that news is beyond chilling. I saw the Obamas last night at the convention, and I have to admit that I feared for them.

Ruth, you are a great writer/blogger. Uncommon Sense needs you. Do you feel a call?

Mnmom, you don't have to convince me.