Saturday, August 30, 2008

You may be a liberal or an intellectual if...

...the fact that we can't build a border wall without employing undocumented workers to build it strikes you as ironic.

Well, at least, that's what one anonymous internet poster says. He/she is quoted in the Austin Statesman article which asks the question:

Is it possible to build a border wall without the help of the very people it is intended to keep out?

Truth be told: much of the dirty, hot, uncomfortable, difficult, labor-intensive work done in this nation is done by workers from other countries. Since there's no avenue for them to be here legally, they are labeled "illegal aliens" by their detractors.

Apparently, building a wall to keep them out can hardly be done without them.

Muchas gracias to Maria/Maria for originally posting on this. She is a wonderful blogging friend and a great poster on border issues. She also posted this week on the way border walls play right into the hands of human traffickers, empowering their evil work. Check her out!

I'm reposting the 2008 Folk Alliance 'Song of the Year' from El Paso native Tom Russell: Who's Gonna Build Your Wall?, illustrated with the photography of David Burckhalter. It is just ever so appropriate today.

Click this to enlarge and read it...get the El Paso, TX flavor of the border:
Today is August 30, Day 4 of the Peace and Unity March against the border wall. The march schedule today is:
8 am Fabens: Leave to Socorro (take Socorro Road )
1 pm San Elizario: Arrive in San Elizario for a midday event (from 1-3 pm)

6 pm Socorro: evening community event (rest)


FranIAm said...

GREAT post - and I loved the link to Maria's great blog.

Randal Graves said...

Hey, why change lunacy in midstream? Stir up jingoistic rhetoric about this issue while counting the contributions from the corporations that benefit the most from illegals?
Since most don't pay attention, been a winning strategy for years.

thailandchani said...

Randal Graves speaks the truth on this one!

Border Explorer said...

Thanks, Fran. Maria's a gem.

Randal, you rock.

T. Chani, so do you.

I'm shakin' my head at the quality readers here. It feels heavenly. [exits with a happy, dreamy look on face]

Robert Rouse said...

BE, I just posted a song by some friends of mine called Emma's Revolution. I know you'll love it. It tells the tragedy of illegals caught up in the aftermath of 9/11.

The song is called, "If I Give your Name".

Border Explorer said...

I checked out the song; it is wonderful. Robert has me figured out all right. Here's their site where you can listen/buy, etc:

If I Give Your Name

Robert Rouse said...

Ah, the "One x 1,000,000" CD. I bought that on the day I met Pat and Sandy at Camp Casey down in Crawford. I also like "Bound for Freedom", "Peace, Salaam, Shalom", and "Kilimanjaro". Not that the other songs are bad, those are just my favorites - oh, and I forgot "Silent Spring". The great part about their site is that you can buy individual tracks for a buck a piece. Of course, as long as you're downloading, just download all 13 tracks for $10. Quite a savings!