Saturday, September 13, 2008

More money for the Border Wall? Tell 'em "NO."

You'll never guess what happened! My blogger friend Steev at Project Steev reports that the DHS ran out of border wall money! They are asking Congress for $400 million more so they can finish it this year! Without extra money, they'll have to stop building.

[Pausing here for chorus of moans and groans............Where are they?.........Silence...............(hollow echos of whistling winds)..............OK, I'll continue....]

Steev says:
"In the big scheme of our massive federal budget, this [$400 million] is chump change, and it seems likely that Congress will just reach in their pocket without thinking much about it - but in this election year maybe if enough people make a stink about it, it won't happen. Write your representative and senators today and tell them not to authorize this further insult to injury. Stop the wall!"

HOLY COW! We've got a chance. OK, People, have at it! (You know enough about that wall to call your local senator/rep's office. Go to it! Action reports are welcome in the comments section. And your comments, as always.)


Randal Graves said...

Well hell, this is certainly unexpected. Why do I fear some midnight amendment being tacked on to a bill that no one reads will 'rectify' this dire situation?

Border Explorer said...

(sigh) You're probably right, Randal.
I'm still going to call all 3 of my reps Monday, two of 'em have offices in my city. I think they'll be surprised that someone in Iowa cares about this issue enough to call.

DivaJood said...

The DHS ran out of money? How cool is that. Of course, they will probably ask Sarah Palin to host a bake sale.

Border Explorer said...

Uh huh...or a car wash.

thailandchani said...

I think Randal Graves might be right. It will likely be hidden in plain site.


Freida Bee said...

I have loved that someone has been trying to fight them on this. What a proud day it will be when our great great great grandchildren knock down this superfluous fence... if they've managed to survive to that point.

Border Explorer said...

Chani, I say: "Dang, those politicians--sneaky S.O.B.'s." A nice girl like me doesn't think all sneaky like they do.

Freida, thanks for the link.
Also the Texas mayors all along the border have filed a lawsuit against the federal government to stop the construction. Our tax dollars going to lawsuits against ourselves! Yikes.

Mauigirl said...

Let's hope they don't authorize any additional funds for this wasteful venture!


It is important to contact members of Congress to let them know that their actions are being scrutinized to prevent an ammendment giving DHS another $400 million from being slipped in. Remember the Real ID Act, which grants Chertoff the power to waive any federal, state, or local law that he sees fit? It failed to pass on its own, so it rode a bill funding tsunami relief and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to Bush's desk.

There is also an ongoing letter writing campaign sponsored by the No Border Wall Coalition. For information on that go to

And the short film on the border wall that Steev shot for the Sierra Club is a beautiful piece of work.

Border Explorer said...

Welcome, No Border Wall! Your visit is a nice surprise. And a motivator for me. Thanks for stopping by. I'll blog Steev's movie this week.

Steev is a treasure; I hope to meet him someday. I'm in touch with his folks who live near me; we may schedule a get-together soon.

I'll get moving on the political action. Promise!

Your site has lots of useful suggestions. Thanks.

D.K. Raed said...

Didn't I predict this? I'm sure I did. These govt projects always go way over budget, so no way to complete them without more money ... and I think even the DHS might concede there are better uses for their funds. I say turn the already built sections into solar collectors & shift ourselves into the 21st century.

OK, you bullied me into sending fence thoughts to my elected reps, but since one of them is Orrin Hatch, I think we all know where that email will end up.

Border Explorer said...

Way to go, D.K.! You beat me to the action, earning you extra brownie points in the sky (that'll get you nothing, probably, but an inner glow of goodness.)

I plan to call tomorrow.

p.s. My sympathies on Hatch. That's a groaner.