Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Rest of the Story...

News is seeping to the Midwest from the final rally in the March against the Border Wall. [I blogged against The Border Wall each day of the March, August 27-31.] Here's a recap/update:

The marchers realized that the work is only beginning, according to the El Paso Times coverage.
The newspaper gave mention to environmental disruption of the wall and...the lone counter-protester got almost as much coverage. (grrrrrr).

One mother's reflection on the final international action is eloquent, poetic, and worthy of your time. I hope you'll visit Border Wall in the News for "Fly on the Wall," a visceral retelling of her experience at the action on the final day.

One of my friends wrote about bouncing balls over the wall in a self-styled international volleyball game, nonviolently turning the wall into a v-ball net. See a few photos here, not many, but nice (not sure how long this link will work.)

Seeing my friends/El Paso co-workers excited me as I watched this video clip (only lasts a minute):

Another short video of the local Catholic bishop denouncing the Wall at the March is here.

Local independent newspaper Grassroots Press gave the 40 marchers a couple paragraphs and a couple photos. Marchers always hope for news coverage to make their effort visible. Sunday’s early events were covered by two local television stations, but one of the marchers said they had been invisible for the last three mornings.

More important: you can add your voice to the chorus opposing this stupidity by signing the petition here. Really, if you're reading these words, I'm sure you want to be on record as opposing the Wall. For your own self-respect, sign the petition.

The border is a statement of who we are as a nation. Every day it represents you. How do you feel about this wall representing who you are? Do what you can. Sign the petition.

And thank you very much for your kind attention though the 5-day March against the Border Wall.


FranIAm said...

As always - you are one of my true heroes!

Thank you for keeping us up with it and thank you for your own efforts there.

Border Explorer said...

Fran, I didn't do anything. But I appreciate your sentiment.

I'm fortunate to know and get to help wonderful activists and non-profits. Thanks for caring enough to read this.

Sal Kilmister said...

Great video. Thanks for posting.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Thanks for the video and the "Fly on the Wall" link. Both were moving.

Randal Graves said...

The newspaper gave mention to environmental disruption of the wall and...the lone counter-protester got almost as much coverage. (grrrrrr).

Well, sure. He/she represents the views of mainstream Americans, whereas you guys are the looney fringe element with your pet causes and poor grasp of reality. C'mon.

Border Explorer said...

Sal, God bless the media.
Thanks for all you do at Illiterate Electorate.

Ruth, you move me all the time. I really liked "Fly on the Wall," too.

Randal, I'm getting dependent on you for my daily uplift. :-)
They can keep their reality. Give me the fringies. (And you know who you are.)

DivaJood said...

You do rock, Border.

Off topic. I've tagged you.

Mnmom said...

Wonderful. Shameful wall says it all.

Border Explorer said...

Diva & MNmom, thanks for your moral support. Much appreciated.

OK, Diva--thanks for the tag. Let's see if I can make up--I mean come up with--something interesting.

Renegade Eye said...

I expect a revival of the immigrant rights movement.

From Obama's first day in office, to 100 days later, it will be Mayday. In the immigrants movement we're using the 100 days theme.

Jan said...

I live so close to the border and never hear much about it. So I'm glad you tell us. Thanks. Glad you are committed.

Border Explorer said...

Ren, I'd love to learn more about the immigrant rights movement. I haven't had a real favorable impression of Obama on immigration so far. Email me if you'd be willing to point to where I can find out more about what you're talking about: bgreenw at gmail.

Jan, thank you for your on-going interest & support. Tomorrow we'll know about Ike. I'm praying! Bless you!

PTCruiser said...

I can't wait to see this monumental waste of money completed so I can laugh my ass off when it's soundly defeated by ladder technology.