Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bolivia Crisis for Beginners: a primer

The US official message about Americans' safety in Bolivia suggests a real threat. Observe the most recent Department of State Travel Warning:

“The Department of State has authorized the departure of non-emergency personnel and all family members of U.S. Embassy personnel in Bolivia and suggests all U.S. citizens defer non-essential travel to Bolivia. U.S. citizens currently in Bolivia should remain vigilant, monitor local media, review their security posture on a regular basis, and consider departing if the situation allows.”

Por faVOR! U.S. citizens continue living their daily lives in Bolivia. However, American Airlines has once again suspended flights in and out of the country. On top of that, there is an apparent effort to inaccurately characterize the expulsion of US Ambassador Goldberg as part of an overall anti-American initiative on the part of the Morales administration.

With unrest claiming the lives of dozens, the recent upheaval in Bolivia has put this Andean nation on the radar of US public attention. This video, "Bolivia Crisis for Beginners," explains the history and context of the current push for autonomy by four lowland provinces according to
Kathryn Ledebur, a premier analyst who has lived in Bolivia for the past 18 years.

Notice: The video, a recording of a talk given this month in Washington D.C., lasts 59 minutes and is "talking head" format. So you'll need to be motivated. But, on the bright side: there are no commercials! (I watched it twice and learned something both times.) If you don't have an hour to invest, I completely understand, you're not a lesser B.E. blogger! I'll keep looking for good sources in print. If you like to learn via video, this one is worthwhile and you can download it to your iPod [here]. Or come back to listen later; it'll be here waiting for you.

How relevant is the Monroe Doctrine to us?
(Not mentioned in the video, BTW. So you don't need to see the vid to speak up. Hope to hear from you!)


FranIAm said...

I do want to watch this and will be back to do so later!

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to human rights of all kinds.

You are a true light!

Robert Rouse said...

Part of the plan of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War was to completely take over Mexico and head into South America. Who knows what would have happened if the North had given up and allowed the Confederacy to live on.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm not going to be able to watch it. But I'll be happy to read anything you post about the situation.

Mariamariacuchita said...

You are awesome to post this, BE.

South America has been pretty much ignored, except for the resources they represent or in regards to the fear of spreading Communism to these countries.

As other European powers began to compete in the new world, the Monroe Doctrine set about insuring that the US would be the only one who could meddle in their affairs. Not much has changed in our attitude since 1823 as we sought to control out own backyard. With the possible exception of the Russian ties to Cuba, this doctrine has been successful, up until now. Hugo and the Russian connection is probably the first time we've had "furriners" operating right off our border. This sounds like payback for our meddling in the Georgian mess.

DivaJood said...

Well, the Monroe Doctrine, um, Charlie, what do you mean exactly when you say that? Which part of the Monroe Doctrine? Anyways, it's all about job creation, you know, and I can see Russia from my house.

Border Explorer said...

These comments are priceless! Thanks everyone who took time to read/write here. I'm traveling until Sunday, so I need more time myself to comment thoughtfully on what you wrote.

I just received an update from activist North American friends living in Juarez. I want to get that posted here. Maybe tomorrow...sorry I'm missing in action and will be back ASAP.

I have come to appreciate the blogging community so much. That's you! Thanks again!

afeatheradrift said...

I have had blinders on and I sure missed this completely. Thanks.I can't watch the video because of dialup but I'll be happy to do read anything that you post on it. A good Palin question tonight? LOL.

Carol said...

I'm with Ruth - I'd be happy to read anything you post about Bolivia.

Watching a one hour video on-line??? Not going to happen this month. Or next...

Thank you, though, for keeping the awareness alive.

Border Explorer said...

A recent post I did on Jackson Browne's new song attracted so much interest from people who Googled it. When I found the Bolivia video, I decided to post it here so people who were looking for Bolivia info on Blogger might encounter it. Yes, it's a special interest subject. I learned yesterday of a good Bolivia article with greater availability--I'm off to investigate!

Gotta tell you: I just love my regular readers. What wonderful people you are!