Monday, October 20, 2008

A message to their supporters from Lomas del Poleo

Caption: Who Governs Chihuahua [the Mexican state immediately south of El Paso]?

Yes, we are still battling with and for the residents of Lomas del Poleo. Violence has increased, more houses have been knocked down, some residents have accepted a 'deal' with Zaragoza and left, two other residents were falsely arrested by the army this past Friday, accused of selling drugs and dumped out on some remote roads far from Lomas. Of course, while they were gone, their documents and other possessions were stolen or destroyed. [BE: emphasis mine]

The NGOs and others here El Paso and Juarez placed a 'paid announcement' in El Diario, Juarez' biggest newspaper on Oct 6, articulating what the Zaragozas [BE: wealthy family who now claim this land belongs to them] are doing and signed by well known professors, intellectuals, activists from Mexico City, Juarez, El Paso, Las Cruces and countries as far as Greece.
[BE: Addressed to Gov Reyes Baeza, the announcement is above this post--click to enlarge. The English translation and lots of photos are

The Zaragozas were furious and put in a [similar announcement in their own] defense two days later. Our ad was expensive, and we are still trying to raise money for Barbara Zamora's legal and travel fees for herself and her husband, Santos.

I'm writing to ask if [you] might be able to donate towards the costs for legal defense. I know times are getting harder but anything you can do or any suggestions you might have would be appreciated.

Thanks for your support, Blessings, [Rev.] Bill Morton, Columban Border Ministries

You can watch Fr. Bill in action advocating for the Lomas residents right here:

I'll get any input or suggestions to Fr. Bill. Email me: borderexplorer (at) gmail (dot) com
or post in the comments.

Simply your words of support will encourage him. It must get difficult for him. He has struggled for and loved the people of Lomas for so many years and, for that, he was expelled by the Mexican government.


FranIAm said...

Oh my Lord. I am stunned into silence.

As for words of encouragement, I offer Fr. Bill, when I see and hear him all I can think of is real justice, the justice that only God can bring.

I think of the words of Matthew 25:35 and how we all ignore those words.

God have mercy on us as we have forgotten the least of God's children.

eProf2 said...

Thanks for the update. In addition to the struggle in Lomas, I fear for what might be left of Las Palomas across from Columbus, NM. The entire border is in chaos with land grabs, drug cartel wars, kidnappings, you name it. Being a part of the borderlands isn't what it was just a few years ago.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

All I can do is pray that justice will be done, but I am doing that even as I type.

Border Explorer said...

Fran, eProf, Ruth: Muchas gracias for your comments. I wrote Fr. Bill and linked him here, so he can read your prayers, wishes and concerns. I appreciate your thoughts.

susan said...

I really don't know what to say even having read your post twice and sitting for ten minutes after signing the petition on the link.

Please relay my best wishes and prayers to Fr. Bill.

Border Explorer said...

Thank you, Susan. Your taking action was the best response. Sometimes there aren't adequate words.