Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas Card for You!

Christmas demonstrates that God sides with the poor, becomes one with the poor, and walks among the poor. God does not side with the rulers, the rich or the powerful, but with the homeless, the hungry and the refugees. Christmas puts poverty front and center and demands that we work to abolish poverty itself so that every human being has food, clothing, housing, healthcare, education, employment and a lifetime of peace.

Since Christmas illustrates how God sides with the poor in order to liberate the oppressed from poverty and injustice, it calls us to reject greed, give away our money and possessions to those in need, and also live in solidarity with the disenfranchised. Christmas pushes us to stand on the margins of society, where we will find God.

Christmas announces that every human being is a beloved son and daughter of the God of love. Every human life is beautiful in the eyes of God, since God has become one of us. From now on, we reject exclusivity, racism, sexism, and discrimination of any kind, and embrace everyone as equal. We stand on the margins with the excluded, the marginalized, the outsiders and outcasts. From there, we envision a new reconciled humanity.
--John Dear SJ

photo 1: the central plaza of El Paso, TX
photos 2-3: farmworker family children
photo 4: a Border orphan child and orphanage caretaker/Madonna & Child Border-style

Wishing you peace and joy!


Dusty said...

May we all have peace and joy...soon!

Carol said...


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DCup said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

Merry Christmas, BE.

Liberality said...

Happy Merry Everything Border Explorer.

Yolanda said...

I so agree. I saw a piece yesterday that made me think of you on cnn heroes about a lady who drives across the border everyday to take food.She really touched my heart.

Utah Savage said...

Beautiful post!

thailandchani said...

I'm finally back from Dial-Up Hell. That means I get to comment again. :)

I really like the way you've written this. Over the past week or so, I've been reading some Christian books loaned to me by someone. One of the things that struck me is that Jesus really was a "cultural dissident".

That was important for me to realize.


WeezieLou said...

wonderful. and i agree. i have more than many, but far, far, far less than economically secure - and it's terrifying. And i believe:
God can provide
God will provide
God is providing

peace and joy and security in the new year.................

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Tim said...

BE, late (as always), but tremendously moved nonetheless. Your post reminded my of my favorite Christmas sermon. Our pastor preached that God entrusted news of Christ's birth to shepherds to prove His gift was for all--including those struggling to earn a living wage, without a roof over their heads, without education, without "upscale society's" attention or respect.

As the Bible shows repeatedly, not only does God side with the disadvantaged and dispossessed. He uses them to convey His message of simple faith and pure motives.

Thank you for this reminder. And best wishes for a joyous, healthy, and altogether amazing new year.

Fran said...

Blessed be

We always have the option to help others, in so many creative ways, even if we are not financially wealthy.

an average patriot said...

Hi B E
Just looking in to see if you are successful at maintaing your blo or are consumed by allvoices as I am getting. Seeing your Christmas post just reminded me to do a New Years one. Happy New Year!

enigma4ever said...

really beautiful post...much light and peace to you friend....namaste.

Dee said...

Beautiful Pictures. I love them!! You are a Border Angel!!