Thursday, December 18, 2008

What Part of Legal Immigration Don't You Understand?

Sincere people ask about so-called "illegal immigrants":Answer: There is no legal way provided for the typical undocumented worker to undertake our jobs in construction, yard work, agriculture, housekeeping, etc. legally.

Eight years ago when my stepson married a European woman, I learned that laws had changed since my 8th grade civics classes! She was by no means an automatic U.S. citizen. Impoverished and illiterate laborers have about as much chance of winning the lottery as they would gaining the "green card" needed to legally do our work.

If you're not current on immigration law, the chart from Reason Magazine provided a cheat sheet on how to become a citizen. Due to it's small size, even if you click to embiggen this graphic, it is still small. You'll want to check out the original on the Reason website, which enlarges nicely. Even better, download it onto your own hard drive for a good look.

Then you can hand a copy to the next person who asks you: "Why don't they enter the U.S. LEGALLY?!?

reprint from Reason Magazine


Dusty said...

Great writeup B.E.!! Folks just don't get it and that makes me very sad.

putting this up on Sirens okey dokey?

TopDailyMonitor said...

this is an eye opener i will recommend people to read the this article.

Border Explorer said...

Dusty: Gladly, GF! You da woman!

TopDailyMonitor: Welcome! Glad this was helpful. Thanks for your comment.

Diane said...

this is very good, BE. although I'm having trouble getting it enlarged...

I want to hand this out to everyone.

Randal Graves said...

In other words, a piece of cake.

I'd really love for our elected officials and all the blowhards on teevee and radio to take the citizenship test. I'd wager not too many would pass with flying colors.

Carol said...

Thanks for this. It will be useful information to pull out if anyone dares to talk about "illegals" with me.

Border Explorer said...

Diane, maybe I can email you a better link. Thanks for trying.

Randal, I'm not sure I could pass the citizenship test. Or pay the citizenship fees.

Carol: Great, I'm sure you will.

Tim said...

A recent "60 Minutes" piece reported even those at the top of the chart are having a tough time. Now we're deporting immigrant widows of US citizens (including soldiers killed in action) who haven't finalized their naturalization before their spouse's death.

In the spirit of total disclosure, we should strike the Lazarus poem from the Statue of Liberty and replace it with the chart! What good's a "golden door" that won't open?