Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blogger Meet-up!

I even get excited reading about other people's blogger meet-ups, so you can imagine how much it means to me when I'm in one! Got an email Saturday that my blogger friend Steev of Project Steev was in town. I "met" Steev last summer through Google when I was searching out images on the topic of the murdered women of Juarez (femicides).

It turned out he's a filmmaker (!) who did a documentary on the subject. It turned out he spent a bit of time in Bolivia. It turned out that his birthday is one half year apart from mine. It turned out that his mom lives in the adjoining city in my Iowan quad-city metro area. Steev is a film activist, recently completed a film opposing the Border Wall for the Sierra Club of AZ:

I was dying to meet him. "Come on over for Sunday breakfast," I chirped into his cellphone.

Steev was wonderful. "I think breakfast is an important meal," he observed as Mr. B.E and Steev and I plowed into an Iowa farmhouse-style breakfast: bacon and eggs and fried potatoes. He gifted us with the documentary that led me to him: On the Edge--The Femicides in Ciudad Juarez. And the new one (clip embedded above): Wild Verses Wall.

His new webproject is News on the Line. It's on my blog roll now.

After breakfast, Steev toured through our residence and spoke to the director of Project Puente about the work of his nonprofit. Then (gulp) Steev asked Mr. B.E. and I if we'd interview for him. So, who knows--we may end up in a documentary someday: border exploring goes video!

And if it does, you can say you had already heard that might be in the works.Thanks for the visit, Steev! Hope to see you again soon.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

How fun, especially that you had so much in common.

I hope to do a blogger meetup some day.

Jan said...

That's wonderful! What fun. I like the pictures, esp. with you.

Since we're in the same state right now, maybe we'll finally meet!

Border Explorer said...

I'd love to meet both of you. Ruth, when I'm in Iowa, we're not that far apart. And Jan, we just about met up earlier this month.

Stranger things have happened. Maybe I'll get lucky.

Tengrain said...

That's so cool!

I am starting to think I am the only blogger in Northern California (except for some upstart named Kos...), but I got to meet a bunch of bloggers in DC last year, and it was da bomb.



Border Explorer said...

Tengrain, I'm honored you dropped by here. Your star-studded D.C. get-together was on my mind as I wrote this!

Maithri said...

Well my friend, next time you're in Melbourne, Australia... ;) Please look me up!

Another Great Post!

Much love, M

Border Explorer said...

Maithri, either Australia or Africa work for me!

Carol said...

That's exciting! It sounds like Steev (like you) is doing meaningful work. I'm so glad that you got to meet him.

Randal Graves said...

I think you're pulling our leg and you guys actually went to Tijuana to rough the place up a bit.