Monday, January 12, 2009

Chertoff's Retirement Party in the News!

Well, my interest in this subject pretty much proves that I don't have much of a life! However, I did track down some news coverage of the party, it was all pretty local. I still think this whole concept is hilarious! Here's the post and link:

Here is a nice little local TV news clip that will give you a sense of our Brownsville party. We're waiting on the official photos and video and will post soon. Take a look:

http://www.valleyce news/video. aspx?id=245142

President Bush showed up to give our 9 foot tall Chertie a send off, and there was the requisite shoe-throwing. Then the (actual) mayor of Brownsville Pat Ahumada presented Chertoff with his novelty oversized deportation order. The guests enjoyed Chertoff cake and playing the "What will Chertoff Do Next?" spin game for a chance to win a bottle No Border Wall Adios, Chertoff AMF Ale.

I think all of our press was regional, but we did get several calls from national outlets who are interested in doing stories in the RGV, so I think news of the event stirred interest. In addition the Brownsville Herald article about the parties was featured in the Congressional Quarterly's email newsblast, so hopefully that generated some awareness in Congress ahead of the Napolitano hearings.

So who says justice and peace people don't have a sense of humor? It really takes one to keep on slogging through the ongoing onslaught of muck this life dishes out. See ya later, Chertie. Or not!


Maithri said...


Laughter and peacemaking my friend...

They are siblings ;)

Much love, M

Mariamariacuchita said...

Yes, it takes a sense of humor, a sense of justice and a willingness to work as you do!!

Carol said...


I couldn't get the video link to work until I took some spaces out of the link. (Just thought I'd let ya know!)

I am impressed that the party got on the news! Too bad Chertoff wasn't able to attend.

D.K. Raed said...

The only party I want to see Chertoff at is a necktie party. errr, make that a guillotine.

Randal Graves said...

I think Chertoff should be forced to build a wall around his house. In a town where every single worker is an illegal alien gladly welcomed by the corporate paymasters of the American system.

Liberality said...

tag, you're it.

Sherry said...

Enjoy the party and stop by and pick up a little gift when you get a chance.