Sunday, February 1, 2009

U.S. Intervention in Mexico Is Possible!

caption: Will the U.S. jump the Border Wall to intervene in the drug cartel war?

U.S. officials are considering heightened intervention in Mexico if the drug cartel violence continues, according to recent reports. An enhanced U.S. role in battling Mexican drug cartels could include joint operations with Mexican forces. Involvement of U.S. contractors, military and intelligence personnel are further options, according to a Dallas Morning News report last week that cited anonymous sources.

Juarez, Mexico's 2008 violent death toll--counting assassinations, murders, and beheadings--shot past 1600. This was the tip of the violent crime iceberg in a city additionally wracked by extortion, kidnapping and corruption. The violence continues unabated in 2009. The number of homicides in the Juarez area in January surpassed the number logged at the same time last year, an indicator that the drug cartel war is spiraling downward.

An insertion of U.S. personnel on Mexican soil would mark a major reversal to Mexico's historical aversion to U.S. interference. However, the challenge of shoring up Mexican stability, particularly along the border, could overwhelm historical reservations. Friday's El Paso Times cites some precedent for U.S. involvement. For decades U.S. agents from the U.S. Marshals Service, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI have operated offices in major Mexican cities and shared intelligence with Mexican authorities. In addition, Mexico has cooperated in the extradition of drug traffickers to the U.S. recently.

A recent report on worldwide security threats issued by the U.S. Joint Forces Command designated Mexico as at risk for "a rapid and sudden collapse" due to the impact of drug cartel violence. The ramifications to the United States of a failed state in North America heighten the likelihood that U.S. intervention is indeed under consideration.

U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence told the press this week that the situation was "very serious and very critical" and discouraged public speculation about potential U.S.-Mexican cooperation to stem cartel violence and restore stability. Reyes, however, announced that he helped arrange for a U.S. State Department official who was "pre-eminently qualified to share insights about what is really going on in Mexico, and between the governments of Mexico and the United States" to speak tomorrow in El Paso.


cross-posted on The Peace Tree. This story needs wider coverage than it is receiving in the mainstream media.


mmlindsey said...

Wow. Thanks again for the heart, attention, passion, determination, and writing talent that you are sinking into this time in Latin America's history. These are incredible times and something has got to give. I love the tag-line of Peace Tree: When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Perfect Love casts out all fear.

Thankful for your words of awareness and love.

Libby said...

Thank you. I was just thinking the other day how woefully uninformed I've been about this since leaving the border. I wish I could have hoped for better news. This is chilling.

Dada said...

Excellent....just an excellent blog today, B.E. Living on the border just across from Juarez, when I want to get the pulse of what's happening there, I need only read or talk with Border Explorer.

I am mindful at how successful the U.S. interventions have been in Iraq and Afghanistan (where we're really just getting our feet wet). It's only natural y more urgente we "manage" our neighbors affairs as well.

So why am I suspicious that the US may not WANT the drug war to resolve itself? Maybe the continuing escalation of the violence plays right into our (helping/lending) hands/ambitions?

And why am I having more and more dreams lately about president James Polk?

Border Explorer said...

mmlindsey, thank you so much. I can only refer people to your blog. What you are doing commands my respect.

Libby, it's so good to hear from you. I'm chilled also. Is it not amazing once you leave the Border how little is in the mainstream media on this?

Dada. I had to Wikipedia "Polk" to get the joke (well worth the trip, btw). Thanks for the kind words and, man, I'm right there with you on the suspicions. This does not sit right somehow.

an average patriot said...

Hi B E
As I was saying on all voices I hope it does not come to this! Knowing the drug problem is ours and we do not seem to be seriously doing anything I have to wonder if this will be our excuse to start moving into South America? Russia and China would never tolerate it!

Most do not realize it but at one time there was an element that did not want to stop at California but to go through Mexico and all South America!

eProf2 said...

Another historical reference in addition to Polk, BE, would be General "blackjack Pershing. We all know how successful he was in finding and capturing Pancho Villa. I believe it would take an act of monumental proportions for the Mexican government to agree to US forces in Mexico. The Mexicans have always believed that they were "too far away from God and too close to the United States." The last war with Mexico resulted in the loss of 1/3 of Mexico to the United States. While we think of it as "manifest destiny" in our textbooks, Mexicans devote a lot more print ink to the "stealing" of their land. Ain't gonna happen!

Renegade Eye said...

I doubt it will happen.

Three words: Iraq and Afghanistan.

The other reason is the US internal politics. The Latino population will not allow even an invasion of Venezuela.

Border Explorer said...

To clarify: the sort of action that the article claims is under consideration is a joint effort with Mexico against the drug cartels, not an invasion of or a war with Mexico.

Not that I'm in favor of it anyway.

Randal Graves said...

Mexico! That's where Saddamn hid the WMDs! We need a preemptive strike to protect our interests!

So much less death if drugs were treated as a health issue instead of a criminal one, but apparently the pull of Reefer Madness is much stronger than believed.

Dusty said...

I will post this for you over at Sirens BE. Thanks for all you do to elevate this issue. ;)