Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bi-national Blogger meet-up!

Even if their self-portrait wasn't so cool, I'd have wanted to meet Matt and Misty from their blog (about "our hearts and our experiences since moving to Juarez"). They choose to live in Juarez, moving there in 2008, and simply by being there, they make a difference...a big one. Matt gently chided me earlier this year on some of my posts about the drug war, encouraging me to be positive, to not give up hope on Juarez. "What," I responded, " would action for hope look like in this situation?"

Matt and Misty had a answer.

They are pursuing an initiative to "green" the neighborhood. No pie-in-the-sky initiative, this is based on a TED talk: “Greening the Ghetto”, wherein MacArthur-winning activist Majora Carter details her fight for environmental justice in the South Bronx.

If we are affected by our environment, Matt and Misty are changing the environment in Juarez, and they are changing the emotional climate, too. They are acting from their Christian faith perspective and would see themselves as lay missionaries of a sort, I believe. But they serve also as goodwill ambassadors for the United States and liasons between "worlds"--the haves and have nots.

One of the greatest "bennies" of my border exploring life is meeting up with wonderful people like Matt and Misty.Mr. BE & I, Misty & Matt in our dining room.


Dusty said...

I have met very few of my blogger buds, but I hope to eventually met quite a few of them. You especially Billie. ;)

Dusty said...

Um, that's meet, not met..its 4am here. ;p

an average patriot said...

I commend them and glad you got to meet. I just hope they stay safe. Juarez Geesh!
Hi Dusty!

Border Explorer said...

Dusty, likewise...and how! Abrazos!

Jim, their commitment is impressive, isn't it? Someday I hope to visit them in Juarez and get a better grasp of all the good work they're involved in: a soup kitchen, garden project, education. Amazing the difference that dedicated individuals can make.

Dianne said...

that's a lovely photo of the 4 of you

hats off to all the work you all do, it's humbling to me

Jan said...

What amazing people, including you!

kim said...

Yeah, Matt and Misty are something else- two of the more beautiful, rich and deep hearts I've ever encountered. They represent well the kind and loving God who has captured their hearts and drawn them to Jaurez.

Border Explorer said...

Thanks, Dianne and Jan, for those nice words.

Kim, so nice of you to comment here. Any friend of Matt and Misty is richly blessed.