Friday, March 6, 2009

Fighting for Truth, Justice and the Jedi Way

I found the wonderful site "The Hero Factory" over at Nick's Bytes and spent a delightful five minutes creating my hero avatar. Even in my prime, I never looked like this, but---who cares.

I remember when I was a kid and Superman fought for "truth, justice and the American way." I actually believed that those three things went together back then.


Sue J said...

Love it!

Randal Graves said...

To be fair, no one in their prime looks like a comic book character. ;-)

Dada said...

Yes, but how about "just approaching their prime?" (Great look, bloggero!)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love your superhero look.

eProf2 said...

What a great concept! Truth and Justice! Go for it, bloggera!

Kraxpelax said...

Perhaps you would appreciate my wallpaper art on Ping Desktop / Laptop Wallpapers:
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Border Explorer said...

Sue J: Hey, thanks.

Randal, yeah, and that's probably a good thing.

Dada, LOL.

Ruth--g'wan, YOU do one!

eProf, be my VP for T & J?

Kraxpelax: you got that babe thing right. I'm a knitting granny. This avatar is as racy as I get.

Carol said...

I'm glad that you never looked like that. Those are some skinny minnie quads.

At what point did you lose your innocence about the American Way? I think for me, it was Vietnam.

Jan said...

I wondered about this on Facebook--so I'm glad you told us about it here. Pretty amazing.

Vicente Duque said...

Big Apple became Clockwork Orange

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Vicente Duque

Border Explorer said...

Carol, good for you! I was under a rock for Vietnam. Central America opened my eyes.

Jan, dare you to change your profile pic! (kidding!)

Vicente, you are a super hero in the way you document hate crimes.

Jan said...

I'd change my profile pic if someone would ever take a picture of me! That only happened because I was in Canada and my cousin took it.

Border Explorer said...

Oh, Jan, I meant I dare you to put up a Super Hero(!); I wasn't commenting on your consistency of photo [ ;-) ]...but seriously, I'm in the same boat regarding photos. I had to take my Border Explorer photo MYSELF: you know, the hold-the-camera-out-pointed-at-yourself trick! But someone took my photo today, so I just changed my Facebook shot. See you there!

Jan said...

Well, Billie, you got me to change. It's a silly picture (no super hero!) of me with white hair, even though that's just starting.

D.K. Raed said...

that was so fun, I'll put it up just so you can see "The Enflamed Inferno" ... waaahhhh ...