Thursday, April 9, 2009

Immigration Board Game

Wondering what it is like to seek citizenship in the United States?

Want to dispel immigration myths?

Want to increase understanding of people who are in the process of becoming citizens?

A board game developed by the Northwest Federation of Community Organizations provides such an experience with the goal to obtain citizenship amidst unfolding life events.

Sign in and share how you will use the game before downloading at: (look on the left sidebar of the webpage)


Liberality said...

I could see our library having a game like this to teach young adults (and others) about the immigration process.

Katie Schwartz said...

That is absolutely BRILLIANT. Leave it to you to find it :)

Utah Savage said...

This is a great idea. The "illegal alien" hysteria is heating up again, and I have a Mexican friend who doesn't have a green card. If I were younger I'd marry him so he could get one.

I've written another nasty post to all the pasty faced hysterical whites to get their unwelcome asses out of our country. I include myself in the native population who has a right to stay. But if you think your descendants weren't illegal immigrants, ask my indigenous forefathers. And it is "america" from the continents northern border to the tip of Argentina. Ask any Mexican who "owns" Texas and California. And "New Mexico?"

See, here I go, off on a rant. Sorry.

I think Lib's idea of putting this in libraries is a great idea.

susan said...

When I planned to come here from Canada decades ago it took nine months to get a resident visa so Jer and I could marry. When I asked the guy at the Consulate in Toronto why he told me I had to be checked through the Embassies of the countries I'd visited as a student. It occurred to me later a lot of the people born here wouldn't pass the immigration requirements.

Border Explorer said...

Liberality, I agree with Utah (and you).

Katie--you are the most positive and supportive person I've EVAH encountered. Thank you, Dear, for your comment.

Utah, that was a WONDERFUL rant. Rant on! I love it.

Susan, I'm going to remember and use your final statement. That is indisputable, I believe.

Vicente Duque said...

Thanks for Posting the Immigration Board Game. I have always loved drawings, cartoons, comics, etc ...


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I always refuse to answer challenges and offenses by these guys against me in any forum.

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Life is too short for useless controversies.

By proceeding in this way, I am saving a lot of time, that I am using for building a big Encyclopedia of Genetics and Archaeology inside RACIALITY.COM

Nothing dispels the foolish myths of Racists like Science, Genetics and Archaeology applied to Human Races.

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Vicente Duque said...

Why "Immigration Reform" could be a Pandora's Box that paralyzes Government and Congress

There is too much Racism and Hate in the Streets of America. Caution and Prudence are excellent now - Politics is the Art of the Possible. And Politics is the Art of Waiting for an Opportunity.

Of course, I think that "Immigration Reform" is a good thing because it is Humane and Kind, I would love to see Humane Immigration Reform, I would love to see people legalized and working with permits. I would want to see the end of NeoGulags and Brutality. And people that are "Illegal Aliens" and also delinquents, criminals or that can not get jobs would and should be deported.

But it may be politically impossible, with so many Racists and Haters out there in the streets of America.

Immigration Reform has the potential to paralyze Government Initiatives and to drag Congress into a Quagmire and a Filthy Swamp of Useless discussions.

So you want to unify the Republican Party about a single powerful issue. Then try Immigration Reform in Congress. The Republican Party is in shambles, in disarray. The Republicans have absolutely no intelligent Ideas, give them Racism and Hate and they will be the happiest party, with thousands of people in rallies.

With so many problems that America has, like a Recession that could become a Depression, and two wars that are eternal, stupid, idiotic, that lead nowhere, with everybody making Hydrogen Bombs like Popcorn in any "third world country", then the last thing that you may want is another BIG HEADACHE.

Ross Baker, a Political scientist, at Rutgers University said :
"Introducing immigration reform this year would be equivalent to Clinton's proposal in 1993 to have gays serve openly in the military"

Those initiatives that are too controversial paralyze Legislation and the Governability of an Administration.

America had the Great Courage and Valor of electing a "Black" President ( He is White too ), and even if America is Brave and sent a Family to the White House that has African Ancestors, then the time for Caution and Prudence has arrived.

Politics is the "Art of the Possible", Too much Courage, Valor and Bravery, too much boldness is not good for the Democratic Party and for Mr Obama in the present situation.

Bismarck the "Iron Chancellor" of Prussia and Germany that fought wars against Austria and France said that the Intelligent statesman has to wait and wait and wait for the Opportunity, because Political things have a life of their own and they develop very slowly.

Politics is also the Art of Waiting.

Vicente Duque

Border Explorer said...

Very interesting, Vicente! I just love your comments. This one really opens a new door for me. I want to read it over carefully and give it some thought. It will be interesting to share this thought with others and hear what they say about it. Thanks a million for this gem.

Vicente Duque said...

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MikeFrizzi said...

I agree that not only is immigration in need of reform, but people are in need of reform as well. There is too much hate and suspicion for one country to sustain. Sadly, many of these haters are not even aware that there are things like the eb5 green card, which allows immigrants to enter the country if they inject a half million dollars into the economy and create 8 jobs. I wish people would keep these immigrants in mind before they make ad hominem attacks!

Horace Jones said...
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