Friday, April 24, 2009

Susan Boyle sings "I Don't Know How to Love Him"--1980's recording

As a public service to my readers who are interested in Susan Boyle, the overnight singing phenomenon, I'm posting a sound bite from a family gathering in the 1980's: her parents’ golden wedding party 23 years ago. She sings "I Don't Know How to Love Him" from Jesus Christ Superstar, interweaving the title song from that musical into a mini-medley:


I don't know how to love him.
What to do, how to move him.
I've been changed, yes really changed.
In these past few days, when I've seen myself,
I seem like someone else.
I don't know how to take this.
I don't see why he moves me.
He's a man. He's just a man.
And I've had so many men before,
In very many ways,
He's just one more.
Should I bring him down?
Should I scream and shout?
Should I speak of love,
Let my feelings out?
I never thought I'd come to this.
What's it all about?
Don't you think it's rather funny,
I should be in this position.

I'm the one who's always been
So calm, so cool, no lover's fool,
Running every show.
He scares me so.
I never thought I'd come to this.
What's it all about?
Yet, if he said he loved me,
I'd be lost. I'd be frightened.
I couldn't cope, just couldn't cope.
I'd turn my head. I'd back away.
I wouldn't want to know.
He scares me so.
I want him so.
I love him so.


Spadoman said...

This is a great song, and sung by her does it great justice. This is from the rock opera "Jesus Christ Superstar" by Andrew Lloyd Weber. ( I listen to this CD often)

If Susan Boyle wasn't an idol before, she is these days in many respects. I hope she is making a ton of money

Utah Savage said...

Fabulous. I've been listening to everything I can find of hers. I love her look too.

Barbara said...

Thanks for sharing that music. How did you find that Aislin cartoon? Aislin is the cartoonist for the Montreal Gazette and lives in my part of town. His real name is Terry Mosher. He is quite talented.

Yolanda said...

Liked this a lot. I also like Susan Boyle a lot.

Vicente Duque said...

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