Saturday, May 2, 2009

On vacation....see ya later!

Fellow explorers,
I'm crossing the great divide in my life, leaving the U.S.-Mexico border and returning to the Midwest for a couple seasons. The good news is we're going the long way: the way that takes us past the Grand Canyon.

We're going to camp, so I'll be mostly offline for a couple weeks.

See you on the other side of my split-screen life.



Dianne said...

safe and joyful journey my friend

Spadoman said...

Later gator.

an average patriot said...

Lucky you! You guys have a safe enjoyable trip and I will be seeing you here and there. What did you think about that new AV deal by the way? A mistake?

Freida Bee, MD said...

Have fun, and take care!

D.K. Raed said...

well! *I* just return from vacation and now you are leaving! waaahhh! we were camping, too. and listening to people sneeze.

Libby said...

Wishing you safe and enjoyable travels. How close do you live to the Quad Cities? Maybe a "blog meet up" is in order one of these days.

Carol said...


Randal Graves said...

Have a safe and groovy journey. :)

eProf2 said...

See ya on the other side. Enjoy the Canyon.

claire bangasser said...

May you have a most enjoyable journey:-)

Vicente Duque said...

Happy Latina Mother's Day.
Honoring Our Mothers and Wives.
Honoring All Women
The Strength of Women

To my Friend
"Dee" from Texas
She wrote this beautiful piece about Latina Mothers :

"Latina Mother's Day: Consider the Blessed Children! They are the Lilies of the Field!"

in her blog "Immigration Talk with a Mexican American"

Dear Dee :

The Latin American Culture is very Feminine as is apparent in your article.

Catholic Religion in Latin America is extremely Feminine. The Virgin is always dressed in the richest attires with pearls, gold, silver, jewelry, brocados, velvet, etc ..

And Christ is always in agony ( kneeling or in four legs ) with lots of bleeding wounds, after heavy flogging, and with a crown of thorns. The Humiliated Male.

But we are here to honor feminine things and not to criticize and ridicule them.

It is true that Latin America is "machista", with guys that have several women and "natural" children ( out of wedlock ).

But some people like me live inside a Comic "Bringing Up Father" or "Educando a Papá" and that is why that comic of George McManus has always been one of the most popular in Latin America.

In that Irish-American Comic Women are the stronger. Your husband is Irish, you have told us that publicly, so you may know a little about the Irish. Perhaps you are a Maggie "Ramona" to your Jiggs "Pancho". Those are the characters of that comic.

I consulted this website :

Excerpts from the page of the "Bringing Up Father" Comic.

"According to McManus, he began an intermittent daily strip in November 1911 (though it may have been later, McManus seems to have had a problem with dates) that included some characters who eventually became Jiggs and Maggie, but it wasn't until January 2, 1913 that the strip formally became known as Bringing Up Father. And it wasn't until 1916 that the strip began appearing as a daily on a regular basis, with Sunday strips following on April 14, 1918.

Bringing Up Father told the story of Irish-American Jiggs, a former bricklayer, and his wife Maggie, an ex-laundress, who achieved sudden wealth, supposedly by means of a lucky ticket in the Irish Sweepstakes (though McManus was a bit vague about their means of wealth in the strip, and the Irish Sweepstakes didn't come into being until 1930). While the snobbish Maggie and beautiful daughter Nora (referred to various times as Katy and Mamie in the strip's early days) constantly try to "bring up" Father to his new social position, Jiggs can think of nothing finer than sitting down at Dinty Moore's restaurant to finish off several dishes of corned beef and cabbage, followed by a night out with the boys from the old neighborhood. The clash of wills that ensued often resulted in flying rolling-pins, smashed crockery, and broken vases, all aimed in the general direction of Jiggs's skull.

In creating Bringing Up Father, McManus was heavily inspired by his recollections of a touring production of The Rising Generation that he had seen performed several times as a youth when it had played at the Grand Opera House in St. Louis, where his father served as manager. The Rising Generation, a musical comedy written by popular librettist William Gill, told the story of Martin McShayne (played by comedian Billy Barry in the production witnessed by the young McManus), an Irish-American bricklayer who becomes wealthy as a successful contractor. As McManus remembered the play, McShayne's socially ambitious wife and daughter were ashamed of his uninhibited naturalness and couldn't abide his old pals, which forced McShayne to sneak out whenever he wanted to meet the boys for a game of poker."


I identify myself very strongly with Jiggs "Pancho" and sometimes I feel like having a Maggie "Ramona" at home.

But to tell you the true, I am happy and would never consider divorce. I am too lucky of having married a Great Latina Lady.

Marriage is the Revenge of Women against Men -- But I like my condition. I would not like to be a lone sad dog walking the streets.

Note : My comment is not 100% true. This is for entertainment. My Maggie may hit me if she finds that I wrote this.

Vicente Duque

Jan said...

See you on FB, but I miss you here.

enigma4ever said...

miss you friend...have safe travels...namaste..

Vicente Duque said...

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4) "I don't have a problem with the color of Obama's skin, I have a problem with the thinness of it." -- Dennis Miller at Bill O'Reilly's comedy show.

5)"As far as you pretty much castigating the America youth as following sheep, it is what I would expect from a typical liberal."

I am a humble ant and my "Bag of Tricks" is certainly very limited. I am not the smartest follower and admirer of Mr Obama and the Democratic Party. I enjoy laughing at fools, but I consider that this fight is very uneven, many against one.

So if you want to say some painful realities to those educated by the Wisdom and Profundity, the Great Depth of Intellect of Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller go to the above link.

By the way. I still think that Mr Obama has gas for many years. He will be a Great President.

Vicente Duque

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Have a grand time! OK?

Border Explorer said...

I am touched and blessed by the beautiful people I have met in the blogosphere--this means you who have commented here. I'm just about ready to step back into blogging again. Stay tuned. First, I must visit your sites and tell you that I love you.