Sunday, June 7, 2009

Puny Thoughts on the Grand Canyon

Semi-annually, Mr. B.E. & I migrate between our spring/summer Midwestern abode and our fall/winter Border abode. The upheaval is complete. I think of our lifestyle as a split-screen existence; this year I termed it "crossing the Great Divide." Coincidentally, since we decided to return North via a Grand Canyon visit, we literally crossed the Continental Divide a couple times in the process.

Looking at the Grand Canyon is an other-worldly experience. Gazing over the rim, I felt like I was standing on the hologram deck of the Starship Enterprise. Alternatively, I was a child again, looking into a View-Master at a friend's house.

The cool thing about the Canyon is that it is always changing, depending on the time of day and angle of the sun.

Visiting in early May is good. Numbers are down. There were many AARP-couples there, not so many children.

The campground was far from full. I preferred tent camping to staying in a resort hotel. It seemed more authentic to the experience.

An important aspect of the visit is the heightened sense of time and place this natural phenomenon imparts. Mr. B.E. has since taken to library books about geology and the creation of the Canyon: how water works and how it will change the future face of the planet. Much like looking upward at the stars, looking into the canyon--gazing back in time--is humbling.


FranIAm said...

What a great post. I love the photos.

The Grand Canyon is amazing. Mr. He Is and I went there in 2004. It truly is awe inspiring.

And we were there in late September, another great time of year to go!

eProf2 said...

Nice post BE. I went to the Grand Canyon for the first time seven years ago this July, although I had flown over many times in our commuting between CA and family here in south AZ. I was so awestruck by the canyon that I literally suffered from vertigo and had to sit down to stop the dizzying effects of the colors coming out of the canyon toward me as I walked to the edge. Whenever we go I now approach the edges very carefully and very slowly. I'm glad you had a great adventure at the canyon on the way "home" to Iowa.

eProf2 said...

Sorry about the second comment but have you ever seen the film "Grand Canyon." A must see as the canyon is a metaphor for living life with diversity and color.

D.K. Raed said...

Great photos! Look like you caught "alligator rock" at the angle where the 'gator is swimming diagonally away from you.

I haven't been back to the South Rim in years. The North Rim is closer to us now. It's a must-see for different reasons, far less crowded & much higher in elevation. If you get to cross Marble Canyon Bridge on the way to or from there, to be suspended over the colorado post-Glen Canyon & pre-GC is a wonderful experience.

betmo said...

breathtakingly beautiful! wow!

Carol said...

I enjoyed your photos.

While you were camping, did you see the amazing amount of stars that were visible? Maybe one of your homes is in a place where you can see all of the stars in their glory, but where I live, I'm lucky to see a handful. While camping at the canyon, I was reminded of the sky that I could see as a kid before moving to a place with so much light pollution. Between the immensity of the canyon and the night sky that has no ending, I remembered my small size in this beautiful universe.

Hmmmm.... wow! Thanks for re-reminding me!

Beach Bum said...

I have to second what Carol wrote. I really haven't seen the Milky Way since the last time I was out at Fort Irwin, California while in the army.

Its far enough out from city lights that you can see the full glory of the galaxy. Not to many years ago here in South Carolina you could see the Milky Way but with all the development and such things now as "night landscape lighting" so suburban drones can show off their yard at night I can see very few stars.

Jan said...

Love your photos. The only time I ever "saw" the Grand Canyon was when we moved from WA State to VA in the 1970s--and it was filled with fog. I still have many pictures to show that!

Dusty said...

I lived in AZ and saw the canyon during all the different seasons..most awesome place on earth! ;)

Randal Graves said...

Great photos, and we'll be able to enjoy the visual evidence once they turn the Grand Canyon into an industrial park. :)

me414 said...

I've seen the Grand Canyon once and can't wait to go back again. I actually had the opportunity (scary as it was) to fly in a small Cessna two-engine plane INTO the Canyon. They no longer allow those flights because occasionally a plane and helicopter or two planes have collided.

Thanks for sharing your pics. The beauty of that place really needs to be seen up close, though. It's awe inspiring.

Take care--


Border Explorer said...

Fran--thanks for dropping by! We have another shared experience in the Gr. Canyon.

eProf--I've ordered a couple Gr. Canyon films from Netflix. Good tip!

DK, hope to catch you next time I through the area!

betmo, thanks.

Carol & B. Bum, I had hoped to catch the stars, but I was so exhausted every night that I just crashed asleep and did not awaken until the sun was up. That happened every single night! My only regret!

Jan, Dusty--the variety is amazing.

Randal, do you lie awake at night dreaming up your comments?! :-)

Nunly, what a cool experience.

EVERYONE: Let's have a Grand Canyon meet-up sometime!!