Wednesday, November 11, 2009

From Today's Inbox

Found in my email inbox today. This was sent from the man we worked with/for at the day shelter for the past five months~

Subject: Good news!

[Name omitted] came by today, after calling to see if it was okay. "I don't want to be a bother or anything" he said. That right there was a difference that startled me. He walked in, all smiles, calm, cool, and collected. He's like a different guy. He's still [first name], but without the negative. He is clean and looks healthier, too. He's back with his parents and it's working out.
He wanted me to pass on a thanks to the both of you. He said you two made a good difference in bad time in his life.
That's the kind of thing that makes it worth it to me.
I didn't get to say my "See ya laters!" properly either, doggone bronchitis, but I wish you both safe travels and pleasant days! Look forward to seeing and working with you again soon.

I read this message aloud to my husband when I opened it and started crying before I got to the end. I'm crying now just from re-reading this message. The young homeless man referred to had so very many mental health problems! He was a tremendous pain in the neck (I mean that in the most loving way possible!) but somehow he took a liking to my husband and myself and the fellow who sent us this note. And we all took a liking to him. Even though it was not easy sometimes.

Receiving this message comes at a very good time of closure for us, as we leave Iowa tomorrow. I wanted to post this message here so I would not forget. So I can come back here and read this again and again.

If you have the opportunity to volunteer, do yourself a big favor and accept that role--whatever it may be. I know I will die happy because of the opportunities I've had to experience moments like this.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Sometimes, but not usually, we learn the results of our reaching out to others.

I am smiling.

matthew said...


Isn't encouragement one of the most vital things that we can receive in this life? Without it, we wither and dry up and eventually, if left to ourselves, feel like shit about everything that is in our lives. However, as soon as encouragement backed by love and truth comes bursting into the room, it changes our entire perspective.

When we are infused with encouragement we are emboldened, ignited with ferocity to charge toward the things that we are burning for. It galvanizes our faith; we can lower our shoulders and go on.

Thanks for posting this. It helps me shed some resistance..


TomCat said...

Thanks, Billie. I do volunteer work with prisoners and former prisoners. I get far more than I give.

Robert Rouse said...

As the parent of a special needs child, I can tell you that trying to use logic with a mind that cannot understand logic is hard. It takes perseverance and a cool head. There will be trying times, but with every little success on their part we too can celebrate along with them.

Encouragement goes a long way.

Dave Dubya said...

Bless your heart! Those who treat the downtrodden and disturbed with compassion are the redeemers of humanity.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm so glad you received this encouragement at this time of transition.

thepoetryman said...

What a wonderful gift for all involved. Man, if more could see that this "free" gift is most worthy...

claire bangasser said...

Glad this came to you, Billie. Thank you for passing it on :-)