Monday, February 22, 2010

Good-by, Luis.

me: far left; Luis: far right
Persons come into the fiber of our lives,
and then their shadow fades and disappears.

We received word that one of our peace vigil community died in a drowning accident last week. This is a photo from the penultimate I saw him--two years ago. Last year I saw him once, only briefly. Nevertheless, I'm very sad that the world has lost this light. His memorial service is here Wednesday.

There is something that makes all of us who participate in the peace movement related to one another. We are family.

"Peace and justice people are the best people in the world!" declared Sister Dorothy Marie Hennessey OSF. She was arrested at the SOA and shamed the federal government by accepting a six months imprisonment even though she was an octogenarian. I knew her pretty well; now, she's deceased too. She was right: the best people in the world work for a better world.

I've noticed that, when Catholic Workers die, the community broadcasts the notice far and wide. Perhaps those who try to be on the margin are the ones who understand and accept one another maybe when others don't. They mourn the loss of one of their own. In some cases, even more than family can or does.

The best relatives, however, recognize the importance of that connection.

Luis' daughter came to the peace vigil corner Friday to meet with us personally. We cried together as she shared a dream she had--after her father had died, but before she had learned of the accidental death. The two of them were sitting together in a boat, and he told her not to worry, that he was all right. That would be Luis--a gentle, caring soul. He would want the family to be reassurred.

Luis was one of the very first members of the U.S. Peace Corps. An artist, his work typically reflected peace themes and he relentlessly kept peace in the public eye as a performance artist. He long since gave up worrying about other people's regard of him. But, when his employer heard of Luis' death, he responded: "I revered him."

As I will miss Brother Tim, I will miss Luis. This song fell into my life this week via Quaker Dave. It is useful for mourning:


Fran said...

Rest in peace, Luis. I am so sorry for another loss in your life. Peace!

Carol said...

It sounds like Luis was another wonderful person in your life and I'm sorry for your loss.

What a beautiful, comforting dream...

Border Explorer said...

Thanks for your words of comfort, Fran and Carol. Today was the memorial, and I learned so much about Luis. I wish I had the chance to relate to him again, but--regretfully, it is too late for me.

Now if I can just learn to value the people in my life who remain to me...and not take them for granted.

Vicente Duque said...

Sorry for the death of your friend. Sorry for the sad loss to his family.

And thanks to "Border Explorer" for promoting Kindness, Humanity, Tolerance, Understanding between Races, Ethnics, Cultures and Religions.


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The Dallas Morning News
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Poll: More than half of Hispanics identify as conservative

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Vicente Duque

Border Explorer said...

Vincente, I imagine Luis would be in accord with your values and your work.

That is quite the interesting article on Hispanics/conservativism. I hope Bill White becomes Texas's next governor.

Did you see this article:
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TomCat said...

Hi Billie

I'm rushing through to let you know that I have moved Politics Plus to

I have you in the blogroll there. Would you update me in yours?

One Fly said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend Billie and I'm glad you mentioned his Peace Corp service. I hope someone will mine.

TomCat said...

Billie, I apoligize. IU was moving so fast when I went through the other day, I did not realize what this post is about. I so sorry for your loss.

Border Explorer said...

TC, no offense taken, of course. And thanks for your condolences. Your new blog is great--congratulations.

One Fly, you were in Peace Corps? That's great. Luis served in Columbia (I learned at his mem. service.) You?

One Fly said...

Ghana West Africa Billie.