Monday, February 8, 2010

Thoughts on the death of Brother Tim

It is a tribute to Brother Tim that I'm so affected by his death. I hardly knew him--not long at all. I never met him. I guess we connected through some mutual blogger friends. I think he looked me up...he is a registered "follower" of Border Explorer, commented here sometimes. Occasionally he'd email. We played games together on Facebook.

Through all these seemingly superficial interactions, I came to know him. And like him. Better than I like most people.

Tim had a clear-eyed view of how this world works, the "dirty rotten system" part that Dorothy Day spoke of. He did not shirk from that. Or pretend it wasn't there.

When I first met him, I was a bit skeptical of his "Jesus is my boss" cap, and the "Brother" moniker. But he was authentic, of that I came to be sure. Those who know him better than I attest to the fact that he was one of the few "real" Christians, in the sense of Gandhi's comment about Christianity might be a good religion if anyone ever tried to live it. They tell me that Tim was one who did. He is the kind of Christian I believe in.

I feel really bad for his family. If I'm hurting this much at losing Tim, what must they be going through?

Brother Tim, I feel really lucky that I got to glimpse your presence on this planet for a bit. You have earned a rest. May your karma, your spirit, remain here and infect the rest of us with your passion for justice and peace.


Fran said...

Rest in peace Brother Tim. I hardly knew him either, connected in similar ways as you were, but much more tenuously so. I don't think we ever exchanged emails or even too many comments. However, I knew who he was and I would see his comments elsewhere.

What you write about is the essence of how online community forms and how we can't always understand it. However, our hearts are moved,touched, changed, transformed nonetheless.

And strangely enough, as soon as I had started to read your post in the reader, the song Spirit in the Sky came on... so I thought that was a good prompt to comment. (I know I have not done so for a long time, but I do keep up in the reader.)

Rest in peace Tim. Prayers for you always BE.

Carol said...

I had no connection to Brother Tim, but I am inspired by reading what a wonderful person he was.

My thoughts are with all whose lives were touched by his.

Border Explorer said...

Oh, how beautiful to hear from you two! Thanks much for your presence.

Fran, your second paragraph touches the foundation of the dynamic that occurs here. How true! And I love the "Spirit in the Sky" incident. I believe that Tim's spirit lives on. So good to know my connection with you remains intact. I follow you, too!

Carol, I know you'd have loved Tim. You and I have actually broken through the internet barrier, and I thank the 'nets that brought you into my life. Whatever comes next after death, I feel sure that you and Tim and I will all be together in the same dynamic we sought to participate in while here on earth.

Fran said...

Nice tribute. He sounds like a rare gem who really walked the walk.

an average patriot said...

Billie we lost a damn good one! We talked a lot on the phone but I will be quiet and just say he was a damn good man and I better be quiet! God Rest Brother you knew you were secure!

Maithri said...

I am moved by the influence he had on so many people. May peace surround him and those who mourn...

Billie, I understand exactly what you're talking about... How these little avataars and comments and posts create such an impression upon us... Allow us an intimacy which only the written word can facilitate...

I am blessed to be in the presence of such deeply grounded, gentle hearted peace warriors...

We love on,


學生 said...
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Spadoman said...

I must say what Carol said. I'd seen his name around here and at another blogger's place from time to time. He is one I never got acquainted with and now it seems sad that I hadn't!
I also love the second paragraph from Fran, (the Fran at the top of the comment section). It is a community, after all, this blogging experience. Very eloquently stated.
Peace and prayers to Brother Tim, for his journey to the other side, and prayers to those that survived for courage and peace through this hard time.

Peace to all.

TomCat said...

I knew Tim well, although we never spoke. We exchanged email regularly and were frequent visitors at each others blogs for years. My first reaction was to distrust him, due to hat and handle, but he won my friendship by being a true friend. He was the only truly authentic and self-realized evangelical I have ever known. I trust I shall see him again.

Billie, thank you so much for this. I'm glad that I was not the only one to remember him in this way.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

nice of you to write this!

It's a waste and such a shame that he left so soon!