Friday, April 2, 2010

Lindsay Lohan tackles child trafficking

Actress and socialite Lindsay Lohan is the host of the BBC's documentary on child trafficking in India. The 23-year-old actress traveled to India in December to shoot the show that aired in the UK last night.

Early reviews of Lohan's performance were less than raving. A Guardian columnist found several uncomfortable moments in the show, noting in particular the point at which a trafficked child was asked to console Lohan's tears of pity. She dutifully strokes Lohan's hair in response. Lohan gasps, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Sorry, I'm having a moment," before the camera goes dark.

The issue of child trafficking itself, however, is at epidemic proportions, despite ongoing efforts to combat it. India's booming economy created a demand for cheap and compliant labor, the film explains cohesively. Over 40% of the children trafficked into India arrive from Nepal or equally impoverished regions. The film features young boys and girls who tell their experiences of 14 hour work days, poor treatment and malnutrition, and being forced into prostitution.

Lohan's appearance in the documentary, rather out of keeping with her renowned (or, perhaps better to say "notorious") party lifestyle, did generate a good deal of advance publicity. If her involvement with this project draws attention to the seriousness of the issue, perhaps we can tolerate the awkward moments she presides over in the film.


About the video (top): A one-minute preview video of the BBC documentary Lindsay Lohen will host on the subject of child trafficking in India.


H/t to Linda Rama for this info: Lindsay Lohan Banned from India?

[There's one more "oops" moment!]


Big Mark 243 said...

I think that the attention she draws to this problem will far outweigh her lack of substance for this kind of thing. She may be lacking in depth or you can question her motives, but you can't help but think her work here is a good thing.

Distributorcap said...

i like the fact that someone of note is bringing attention to a very important issue

but couldnt they get like Prince William or even Paris Hilton

Liberality said...

She's really young and still centered upon herself really but it will be good publicity for the cause and maybe she'll do more work like this in the future.