Friday, May 28, 2010

Student demonstrators arrested at Senator Feinstein's Los Angeles office

Photo credit: Twitpic posted by @amjamd shows students being arrested at Feinstein's office.

Los Angeles, CA May 27, 2010

Three young women staged a sit-in at Senator Feinstein's office to underscore their commitment to their request that she champion a stand-alone DREAM Act bill before June 15th.

The students act was an attempt to highlight the urgency of legislative action in Congress, and catalyze a grassroots mobilization toward passage of the DREAM Act. Conservative estimates suggest 65,000 undocumented immigrant youth graduate from U.S. high schools annually. Many of them struggle to attend institutes of higher education and/or serve in the military.

The DREAM Act would grant youth who emigrated to the United States without authorization before the age of 16 a path to citizenship contingent on continuous presence in the country, good behavior, and the attainment of at least a two-year university degree or a two-year commitment to the armed forces.

Group member's statements follow:

Kimberlee - "I chose to participate in this sit-in for a number of reasons. First and foremost, to pressure Senator Feinstein to resume her position as a progressive leader of California and push for the DREAM Act as a stand alone bill. Second, I do this for all my undocumented student friends, and their friends and families who contribute to American society but are not allowed to fully participate in the American Dream. They work hard, and excel academically, and then are shut out from using their education in the best way possible. And finally, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther, King Jr. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Jessica- I am doing this because I want to see my friends remain in school. It is extremely hard to see the daily struggles my undocumented friends go through as they struggle to pay for school and the fear of their status. Undocumented students are amazing and highly motivated individuals who deserve the opportunity to a higher education, legalization, and the opportunity for a better life. I am taking part of this civil disobedience because I believe in equality and justice. I want to see my undocumented friends live without fear and have the opportunity to pursue their dreams without any limitations. The DREAM Act will help my friends have a better life. We need to pass the DREAM Act as a stand alone bill.

Kim- Education is a human right, and no one should be denied their education simply because of their status. I fight for the DREAM Act as a stand alone bill for my friends who simply wish to use their diploma. this is for those who are the first in their family to go to college. This is for those who are undocumented and unafraid.


Sherry said...

Thanks for posting this Billie. I'm an getting so sick of the lies coming out of AZ and other places about immigration. It is just so racist behind all the lying rhetoric about safety.

Tim said...

Billie, I'd not heard about the DREAM Act or the sit-in. Thanks for highlighting it. The students' comments are a bracing reminder that we tout ourselves as the "Land of Opportunity," and yet we squander any chance to demonstrate it whenever it's convenient to do so.

I pray the insane rhetoric boiling over in AZ and elsewhere will awaken the majority of Americans, who cherish their land and the opportunity it represents. I keep remembering the Vietnam controversy and how the war's supporters lost control of their message. The scales tipped. I hope we see the same thing here.

Thanks again.

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