Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rock on! Our Spring Road Trip slideshow

Trip Wow!, Trip Advisor's free slide show generator, created this slide show of our semi-annual migration from Texas to Iowa. Enjoy!

Rock on! Road Trip ~ Spring 2010 Slideshow: Billie Greenwood’s trip from El Paso to 5 cities Colorado Springs, Boulder, Raton, Peru and Tularosa was created by TripAdvisor. See another United States slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.


Thomas said...

Wow, that was VERY cool!

TomCat said...

What a wonderful trip and excellent photography of it. You brought nack some memories for me, because I have been to Raton, Colorado Springs, and Boulder.

Border Explorer said...

Thanks for watching this, Thomas and TC! Glad you liked it. I love all these places, so it's nice we've got them in common, TomCat.

One Fly said...

It was "very cool" and there sure are a lot of Tom's running around here.

I like this kind of stuff Billie and of course I consider this my back yard as well.

My bud and I hope to get back to Capulin to do a short movie and as for the rock art well---.

If you ever get time go see Roxborough State Park. There are four places formed at the same time. From south to north Garden of the Gods,Perry Park,Roxborough and one we all know Red Rocks.

I enjoy seeing what people are doing with things like this-it's just more personal when you have interacted with them even if it's just on the internets.

When's the next one?


Zach said...

Billie, this is wonderful. I enjoyed all of it.

D.K. Raed said...

This was so much fun! Colorado Sprgs looks a lot my neighborhood ... who knew ... petroglyphs are the coolest ... so is that guy hailing a Taxi in the middle of nowhere!

You are an inspiration BE ... after EK's knees recover, we need to hit the road again, for sure.

(ps re: comment mod ... what IS it with the "increasing spam" ... I'm getting a lot of asian sex ads ... at least I assume that's what they are ... even though my blog is half-dead, I keep it alive just to have the pleasure of deleting them)

Spadoman said...

Very cool Billie! I haven't been to either site in New Mexico. I'll put these places on my list to visit next time I head that way, (maybe late August/early September for the Chile Festival in Hatch).
The volcano site looks awesome too! Gotta check that out.
I was stationed at Colorado Sp[rings in 1968, (Fort Carson). I remember Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak.
The little guy in Boulder had on a great pirate shirt! You know I was a pirate in a former life. What a wonderful trip to see family and be onn the road. Good for you.

Thanks for sharing. I just returned from the West coast and have some pictures at my place if you are of the mind, (What a blog whore I am).


Border Explorer said...

Thinking Blogger would notify me of comments, I didn't realize you guys had written here! Sorry I'm so slow in posting these comments! I really appreciated them!!

One Fly: Keep me posted when you put up your Capulin movie!

Zach: Thanks for watching this!

D.K.: You're one of my coolest 'friends' (I've never met ;) and thanks for your comment. Hope your nest-building is progressing. I'll bop over to see what you've got up. I guess we should take it as a compliment that the Asians recognize your and my inherent sexiness: ;-) !

Joe, I'll be over. You do the coolest trips and travelogues of anyone. And I did not know you had been a pirate. Wow!! I need to read your archives and see what other secrets lurk there...!