Saturday, July 31, 2010

Salvador Reza: Arrested or Abducted by Arizona police?

"I do not dignify this as an arrest. This was an abduction. It is an act of state sanctioned persecution and discriminatory profiling.

Just as AZ SB1070 is not a law, the taking into custody of Salvador Reza today represents the policies of persecution that are the inevitable result of the complicity of the Obama administration via the 287g agreements with local law enforcement such as Maricopa county Sheriff J. Arpaio.

This was an abduction not only of Salvador Reza, but of the protections of human rights for all in the state of Arizona."
- TUPAC ENRIQUE ACOSTA, Tonatierra--Statement to the Press

On Friday, July 30, human rights leader Salvador Reza observed activists risking arrest in Phoenix in protest of SB 1070. The video shows the arrest of the six. It continues, however, to show that police then crossed the street to also apprehend Reza.

Reza was freed a few hours ago. His apprehension does not make me feel safer. I feel increasingly unsafe in this nation.

That is a byproduct of standing in solidarity with those whose ethnicity is anything other than white.


Jan said...

I'm not sure what to say; just glad you posted about this.

Border Explorer said...

I appreciate your comment, Jan. I'm not sure that any of us know how to respond to the events transpiring these days. Sad to say: simply staying aware of these occurrences is a challenge in itself.

Liberality said...

I'm not surprised that the police are the tools used to enforce racism. The white people are losing in this economy and to minimize political pressure scapegoats must be had, preferably brown people rather than white people.

Vicente Duque said...

Videos : Release of Sal Reza from Jail, Arpaio bombarded with strident Salsa Music for hours - Previously : Arpaio abruptly stops interview, and arrests Sal Reza at his car and jailed him for doing nothing

A Hero of Civil Rights is Released from Jail among the most strident Party and Activists - Many people embrace and kiss Salvador Reza and dance with the Loud, shrill, discordant, Rhythmic and intoxicating Music of Salsa.

Strident Salsa Music is a Wonderful Weapon in this War of Civil Rights between Noble and Valiant Activists and Poor Policemen.

curlykidz | August 01, 2010

We rocked Joe's Jail from 10:30PM until Salvador Reza was released around 6:30AM. It was an awesome moment to witness. I've seen video of Sal speak and that was impressive enough, but he has such a commanding presence I didn't even realize Chris Crass was also released until I heard someone say his name, even though I had him in frame dancing!

@altoarizona @sideoflove Smooth Criminals Released!

Joe Arpaio witnesses and orders the Illegal Arrest of Salvador Reza - Joe Arpaio has been accused of doing many "Illegal" things like Murdering People in his jails, even White "Anglo-Saxon" or "Aryan" people ( in Racist Parlance ) and pocketing many "Illegal" millions of dollars from the defenseless taxpayers of Arizona.

Sal Reza was doing nothing, he wasn't speaking, shouting, yelling, or drumming. And Arpaio is a witness of the Whole Scene and Theater.

Vicente Duque