Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blogging recognition from fellow blogger friends...

I've met so many wonderful people on the blogosphere, and some of them have given me artifacts of recognition. I save and treasure each one. Take a walk through this post as I remember them all....

Robert Rouse invited me to participate in the Blogger Album Project:

The Kreative Blogger from the immensely creative and intelligent Liberality:

Maithri, who writes the book on service every day of his life, gave me this one. It means a lot:

 Joe Spado of Round Circle knows what I need in the morning! Thank you, Joe!

Thailand Chani gave me this in June 2009, she died in 2010. Her blog was lovely, and I miss her comments here. Passed on, but not forgotten.

Utah Savage gave me this Sisterhood award. We're so different. That's why I love this one:

The blogger friend award came from three friends: Thanks, Sherry, Missy and Liberality! February and March of 2009~

Diva again honored me on November of 2008 with the Marie Antoinette award.

Thanks, Diva Jood of Journeys with Jood and Missy of So Big Fish 11/08. Missy closed her personal blog, but now she blogs for her parish. Maybe Diva will return to blog again someday, but right now she's really busy.

The Purity of Spirit necklace is an original award from creative, artistic Susan, October 2008.

Liberality is an uber-amazing woman, and she gifted me with this in October 2008:

Many thanks to Diane, Randal Graves & Robert Rouse who all awarded me this one in August 2008.

Thanks, Ruth Hull Chatlien of Ruth's Visions and Revisions 9/08; and to Liberality of Liberality in 10/08

From Fran of Ramblings--the Progressive Patriot award, 9/2008

from Diva Jood, 9/2008--Sadly for me, Jood no longer blogs, but fortunately for me, we're Facebook friends now, so it's all good.

Arte y Pico Award from eProf 7/1/2008, my first-ever award (and oh-so-pretty!) (in Spanish, too!)

Awarded by Ruth Hull Chatlein 9/2008

This last one is shared with a commentator group.


Jan said...

WOW! Congratulations! (well deserved) I'm sorry to hear about Thailand Chani; I hadn't heard.

Border Explorer said...

Thanks, Jan, that's nice of you to say. I took them off my profile, but did not want to lose them, so linked to this post. (Got the idea from St. Nick at Nicks Bytes)

And, on another subject: Happy birthday! Turning another decade! You're just a few months younger than I.