Sunday, October 24, 2010

Farm workers rally California Latino voters; UFW get-out-vote campaign

Dozens of farm workers in Coachella are part of the hundreds of farm workers walking door to door to turn out the Latino vote. Photo credit: UFW.

Santa Rosa, CA Dozens of farm workers walked neighborhoods to help convince Latino voters in Santa Rosa to turn out on Nov. 2 to make Democratic Attorney General Jerry Brown the state’s next governor and gain support for other key candidates.

The Santa Rosa rally, sponsored by the United Farm Workers, is part of a nationwide effort to get out the Latino vote. The two-week campaign, which plans to reach out to 100,000 California voters, kicks off this weekend with rallies in Santa Rosa and Salinas. Other rallies occurred in Oxnard, Coachella and Central Valley cities.

Farm workers joined United Farm Workers President Arturo Rodriguez for get-out-the-vote rallies in Santa Rosa and Salinas this weekend. 

UFW President Arturo Rodriguez speaks to more than 100 farm workers as they get ready to go out and walk to get out the vote. Photo credit: UFW.

As governor from 1975 to 1982, Brown helped Cesar Chavez and the UFW push through the Legislature California’s pioneering 1975 law granting farm workers the right to organize and bargain, abolished use of the infamous back-breaking short-handled hoe, brought farm workers coverage under unemployment insurance and appointed an unprecedented number of Latinos to high public office.

Message from UFW President: 
I am spending the weekend walking precincts in Latino neighborhoods with farm workers up in Santa Rosa and Salinas. Hundreds of farm workers and UFW members walked door to door statewide in 15 agricultural communities. Even though it was often pouring rain, they were committed to talking with Latino voters about issues directly affecting their lives and families. The passion, sacrifice and enthusiasm demonstrated by these farm workers never ceases to amaze me. Their dedication and humility inspires me every day.
 --Arturo S. Rodriguez, President, United Farm Workers


an average patriot said...

Republicans are telling them to stay home but I am convinced they will come out. I am hoping across the board the Republicans are disappointed in November and they will be if people come out again.

Border Explorer said...

Jim, I sure hope so. I have to wonder if the national reluctance to normalize the immigration of unskilled laborers is due at least in part to Republican fear of the Democratic leanings of the workers.

Border Explorer said...

Just found this in my email inbox:
The power of the Latino vote

Border Explorer said...

And this from ABC news: Could Hispanics Tip the Balance in Key Races?

an average patriot said...

I was reading those, knowing that and that Obama has been courting them letting them know how powerful they are and the Republican track record I feel better in places like California

susan said...

I really wish there were more candidates for major office with his reputation. Electing Jerry Brown should be the only practical choice in California particularly since the Green candidate has been barred from participating.

Liberality said...

I'm glad they are making an effort to counter to disinformation that republicans are putting out there!

Spadoman said...

Caution: Name dropping and bragging ahead.
Did I tell you I met Cesar's brother at LaPaz, the headquarters for the UFW in Keene, CA? I was a guest there in 2008. I also met Delores Huerta at Delano at the 40 Acres UFW hall while I participated in The Longest Walk II.
Anyway, Si Se Puede! Are you in Iowa or El Paso these days?


Carol said...

Blessings on those people who endured all kinds of weather in order to educate people and urge them to vote.

I wonder what our country would look like if the government truly reflected the will of the people...