Monday, October 11, 2010

Iowa, Don't Miss the "Train to Nowhere" film

I attended an advance screening of a new documentary which debuts tomorrow night (October 12) on Iowa Public Television at 7 PM, entitled Train to Nowhere: Inside an Immigrant Death Investigation.

If you live in Iowa, I simply want to say: "Don't miss the train."

If you don't access IPTV (and I realize that most of the world does not) you are not out of luck. The DVD is available for purchase for a measly $15 on the film website. It is well worth it!

I reviewed it this morning, and will send you over to Allvoices if you care to learn more about this intersection of Iowa and the national immigration debate. The film trailer sits atop this post.

Train to Nowhere collaborators, Colleen Bradford Krantz and Paul Kakert, led a Q & A after the Davenport, IA screening yesterday with an appreciative crowd of about 150. The nonjudgmental approach, a path they chose and consistently insisted upon throughout the making of the film, bore fruit in this 60 minute tool that groups will find most productive because it promotes dialogue and understanding, two elements sadly lacking in an emotionally charged national debate on immigration.

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