Saturday, October 30, 2010

New fangled hand dryer for public restrooms: it actually works

This Dyson airblade hand dryer, installed in the women's restroom in the Horicon Marsh visitor's center, actually works. When you insert your hands into the slot, one per each side, they are dried from both sides at once by a shot of air. It doesn't take long, and it doesn't burn and dry out your hands.

The paper toweling used at each fast food restaurant in the nation wastes nine trees a year . All that discarded paper generates 1,000 pounds of landfill waste.

Paper mills have to clean the wood pulp with chemicals before it can manufacture the paper toweling. A single treatment can pollute 20,000 gallons of water.

Despite what many may think, paper towels can't be recycled. Paper towels can be made from recycled materials.

The Dyson hand dryer uses 80% less energy than the conventional hand dryer. It offers an operational cost savings of 98% compared to paper towels.


Fran said...

The first time I used one of these was about 2 years ago; they keep popping up. They are great!

Big Mark 243 said...

Unfortunately, the bottom line often doesn't make for good ecology. Perhaps if a fast food or coffee house were to take the lead and make the annoucement that franchishes were making the green switch... especially if they could understand there would be a profit motive in the conversion

Mnmom said...

I love those things

afeatheradrift said...

Yeah! I love this!

an average patriot said...

I've never seen them but it is a great idea to make them universal!

Carol said...

I've never seen one. I'm glad they are coming up with solutions that use less energy.

In public restrooms, I generally dry my hands in my pants pockets. No additional electricity or trees needed. :-)