Monday, November 8, 2010

Mexican student marching for peace shot in the back by Federal Police

University student Dario Alvarez, age 19, marched against the militarization of Juarez on October 29. Two Federal Police fired into the crowd, shooting him in the back and seriously wounding him. This incident has not received extensive press coverage in the United States. I immediately set a Google alert but have received few indicators of news reports. If you haven't heard of Dario, it's not your fault.

On November 2, thousands of students and citizens overcame fear that they would be similarly attacked and took to the streets to protest this incident. Their message:
What they do to one of us, they do to all of us.

The video conveys the mood. What valor! Each of these students took their lives in their hands. Note: As is becoming common in Mexico, people mask their faces in an effort to avoid violent reprisals. There is much to learn by watching, even if you don't speak Spanish:

Calling this Mexican siege a "drug cartel war" is, quite simply, inaccurate. Most of the nearly 30,000 victims are innocent civilian bystanders in a bloody, bloody stream of violence. 

The Federal Police who shot Dario receive our government's funding. The incident is reminiscent of the 1960's at Kent State. The government is spinning the story, but human rights groups insist with one voice that the incident was a clear violation.

Amidst the outrage, I'm inspired by the heroic bravery of the citizens of Juarez.  


TomCat said...

Billie, that is shameful conduct by the federales and great courage by the students. I'm only surprised it didn't happen in Arizona.

Border Explorer said...

[shakin' my head] Sadly, Tom, that seems to be the direction things are going. Thanks for stopping by with that comment.

Bluezy said...

It is so nice to have someone besides the media to rely on. Thank you for this. I will share.

Border Explorer said...

Thanks for stopping by, Bluezy, and offering your support. And welcome to the blogosphere on Bluezy's Virtual Dumpster Dive.

I'll be over to visit you often. You're doing some creative work there and offering a perspective that is not often heard.

susan said...

This is truly another great shame on both our houses - or should I say all three since nafta and gatt were supposedly crafted for the common good?

Another major piece of news not being followed by the msm is the continued plight of those millions who live near the Gulf of Mexico. Al Jazeera reports the follow-up.

Border Explorer said...

Great article! Thanks for that link, susan. And--yes!--economic policy is in the drivers seat of much evil.

Mimi Lenox said...

Oh my God.