Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rosie the Riveter & Border Women Workers: Together, they can do it!

Francella Salgado created this piece and graciously allowed La Mujer Obrera to use it to promote their call for justice and true border security through economic development. La Mujer Obrera, in turn, passed Salgado's permission to me.

The piece may need a bit of explanation to the unfamiliar eye. It's a take off on Rosie the Riveter, the iconic woman worker from World War II.

Saldgdo gives her a Latin twist. The skeleton is a standard image for these mid-autumn Days of the Dead (see this post for more info on that). But this skeleton symbolizes the border women workers who are working themselves to death...but not advancing despite all their toil.

Nevertheless, they say: Yes, we can! Yes, it can be!

Yesterday morning twelve women left El Paso at 8:00 AM, bound for Washington D.C. The women will conduct a hunger strike across from the White House to call attention to this administration's failure to provide real border security by supporting the cooperative efforts of women workers, like La Mujer Obrera.

It begins November 8 at noon. They will distribute these fliers, explaining their plight:

(click to enlarge)

You can endorse the effort of the Border Women Workers/La Mujer Obrera:


Spadoman said...

Yes, Si, Se Puede. This is good. People trying their best with what they have to make a difference. Thank you for calling our attention to this project. I will support it.
I also see you mentioned Los Dios de Los Muertos in your post. This has been a busy week with the Days of the Dead starting last Monday. Glad you got to do something in recognition.
Also, I am honored to have you stop by my place and comment. Maybe sometime this Winter we'll have a cup of coffee in New Mexico. Travel safe and be well.


Joseph de Lange said...

The three links in your "follow this campaign" info all bring up a "this page does not exist". I copied and pasted them. Thought you'd like to know. Follow your blog closely: good information of the right sort. Thanks!

Border Explorer said...

Spadoman, that would be the best to have a cup of coffee in New Mexico with you. Si se puede! :-)

Joseph de Lange, thanks for your help, and I apologize for the inconvenience. I think they all work now. Thanks for your readership here, also--much appreciated.

[Note to Readers: You may need to log into an account to view the Twitter and Facebook pages. Also, click "Like" atop the page of La Mujer Obrera to see the entire wall and all their info. Thanks!]

Craig said...

In Latin America the word gringo is an offensive term for a foreigner, particularly an American or English person.

Border Explorer said...

Thanks, Craig. I replaced that word in the post. I'm sorry for any offense I may have caused inadvertently. Words are important.