Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twitter shows what we care about while the ship goes down

I realized anew that I'm "out of it" when Mashable posted the top 10 Twitter Trends this week. While I'm preoccupied with issues of climate change, overpopulation, injustice and oppression...what are most people who have the money to access tech tweeting about?

Entertainment! Sports! Holidays! Social media!

Reminds me of the fabled Nero who fiddled while Rome burned.

I wonder that the pie chart would look like if every person across the planet could access Twitter?


One Fly said...

What are "hashtags"?

Happy Holidays Billie

Border Explorer said...

Twitter messages sometimes are tagged with a word or code that follows a # sign. It's called a hashtag. That helps people to see what is being tweeted on a particular subject. Happy thought: maybe some of those hashtags are things like #justice or #oppression cuz then I've got some hope.

Happy holidays, One Fly!!

Big Mark 243 said...

It isn't that deep down on certain levels of awareness that people don't have their suspicions. Right now they seem to overwhelm those who are struggling in the shrinking middle. Meanwhile, those who can afford to have their thoughts occupied by such meaninglessness, are driving media. Of course, envy makes people strive for a piece of what they are told to want...

... it is less about priorities and what is important as it is about escapism. Escaping the life where things like homelessness, underemployment and the minimum wage matters. It doesn't matter if it means virtually, anyway it gets done, is all that counts.

Thinking about the world, even locally and the 'real world' individually are too overwhelming and painful. So lets talk about hashtags and what is going on with Lindsay Lohan... it is much easier and takes our minds away from the oppression that we are stressed by each day...

Big Mark 243 said...

... oh and happy holidays, Billie!

Fran said...

Well! Maybe the hope lies in the closing line-- let's just say lots of people choose to not engage in Twitter, and lets hope they are more interested in things that are more socially conscious & redeeming.

A funny closer--
What if Twitter & Facebook merged?

Twit Face?

OK... Certainly any social media that limits the # of characters, also limits expression of thoughts into bits & bites.
Look at Blogger posts that allow a person to express thoughts & info in an unlimited capacity. You get a lot of in depth perspectives on many topics.

I do get frustrated w servers like MSN & AOL & MSM in general, who dumb down "headlines" into fluff & tabloid garbage.

Thank God for CSPAN where they let the cameras roll & avoid the taking heads.
Less chatter & more of the matter!

Happy Holidays to you & yours