Friday, December 17, 2010

Virtual Vigil Light for Tomorrow's Senate DREAM Act Vote

VIRTUAL VIGIL for the DREAM Act! Change your profile pics to ... on Twitpic
A vigil light for the DREAM Act...
The Senate will vote tomorrow on the DREAM Act.

Will it pass? The only way to find out if we have the 60 votes needed is by forcing the vote. It’s worth recalling that when the vote was called in the House of Representatives most predicted we would fall short, and we won by a margin of 20 votes.  

GOP Senate leadership is trying to protect their members from having to take this vote. They even argued that taking votes during the Christmas season was sacrilegious. [Spare me!]

They don’t want to vote because they know, as does each and every Senator, that a vote against these talented young people will define them with Latinos and other immigrants the rest of their political careers.  

Millions of Latinos and other immigrants will be watching the vote on Saturday, and they will remember on which side of history they chose to stand. 

The vote will affect millions of lives and the future of our nation. This candle burns an all night prayer that the inevitable will arrive--not years from now, but tomorrow.

Sources: Immigration Forum, Border Action Network

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