Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How I got mixed up with the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles

I'd like to share with you just how I got involved with international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles. I'm still sorting it out. I hope that telling you the story will help me do that.

Luis Posada Carriles, on trial in El Paso, TX. Photo: Google images.

The Scene.
Yesterday morning: U.S. Marshals behind me, police on every corner, cop cars everywhere. Me? I'm standing on federal courthouse property, chanting loudly and repeatedly, part of a group of 40 or so who line the street. Our opponents, just a few yards away, are taunting and baiting us. The courthouse flags are at half-mast. A few days ago six people were killed, not so very far from here, at an event much less politically charged than this.
Posada supporters
The Event. 
A self-acknowledged terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, trained by and then hired by the United States, the man who clearly blew an airplane out of the sky and killed 73 civilians onboard, is on trial here in El Paso, in the building right behind me.
"Jail Posada. Extradite Posada. Jail Posada. Extradite Posada."

"About time he's brought to justice!" one might say, since his airplane gig happened over 34 years ago. But, one would be wrong.

He isn't on trial for the tourist hotels that he bragged to the New York Times he exploded. He's not on trial for the Italian tourist he killed while masterminding those explosions. Since he knows too much about the CIA, it appears that U.S. indignation about terrorism only goes so far. It can't extend to a terrorist of our own.

Instead he is on trial for lying to U.S. immigration-about five years ago. In the meantime, he's been living the good life in Miami, a hobbyist painter. I once met an immigrant who was deported for jaywalking. But Luis Posada Carriles is not deported. Nor is he in detention. For his trial, he's staying at the downtown El Camino Real Hotel: swanky name, swanky place.

And, although two nations clamor for his extradition so they can try him for his crimes, he's still here. The U.S. protects him. This trial is a "show."

Our "war on terror" is hypocrisy.

As an ordinary U.S. citizen, I can't do much anything about the CIA. For that matter, I have little personal impact on the federal government at all. But I can yell. And that's why I'm here. Were it not for the protestations of thousands, in the U.S. and throughout the hemisphere, likely even this insignificant trial wouldn't have happened. My body, my voice can call attention to this travesty. Lots of news media reps filmed, photographed and interviewed us. This event will appear in newspapers throughout the hemisphere.

I like standing outside the courthouse, near the display of photos of the faces of the people Posada is responsible for killing. It is a wall of faces. And they are not forgotten. Not while I'm standing here.
Other people have detailed the story of Luis Posada Carriles. I won't repeat it. But I will do what I can to make sure that the story of Luis Posada Carriles is not just swept under the carpet.

That's how I got involved with the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles:
I can yell.
Short clip of one of the speeches delivered yesterday morining: speaking the truth about the hypocrisy that is the U.S. "war on terrorism"outside the court building that whitewashes the lie.


Joseph de Lange said...

In the justice systems of many countries justice gets bend out of shape and becomes injustice. People who speak out for justice and make instances of miss carriage of justice visible are important and appreciated.
So, thank you for all that time and energy you put out, the teaching you do, and being there in the front line.

Carol said...

Thanks for yelling, Billie. And thanks for spreading the word about a story that I would have known nothing about otherwise.

One Fly said...

Powerful post Billie and it's the truth about this man and this country. I'm glad to see you fired up.

One Fly said...

I forgot to say thank you for your passion and I have linked to your post on OTC. This is so important!

an average patriot said...

Billie it is sick, the truth does not matter! I was just at the north Atlantic community think tank because they asked me to comment on what we are facing today.

This is perfect example so I am going to restate it, period: I was reading as to our problems and was thinking sadly that is an iota of what we must address and solve but I was thinking it would take at least a thousand pages.

Then I saw a comment stating where there is a will there is a way and that is the whole problem in every instance. There is only a will to get ones own way, period. Morality be damned!

If we as a world regain our morality we will be alright,If we do not get back to doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing whether it is one's interest or not we are not going to satisfy any of the worlds growing problems or succeed in progressing through the 21st century in a form we would call success "and we are not doing it".

RealityZone said...

I just posted this.


Here is another take on it.


Border Explorer said...

This was a really personal post for me, so my gratitude goes out to all you who responded so generously with your comments. Otherwise, I might feel like I was just out there hanging by myself.

Joseph-thanks for ongoing suport
Carol-support and your personal friendship
One Fly-your affirmation really meant a lot. Thank for your post/link to this one!
Jim-Right! The answer won't be found in corporations or in capitalism or by the military. It is in the moral/ethical/spiritual arena. In the end, we each get to choose how we will live.
Reality Zone--I had just linked the CIA files when I got your message! However, I've added the other link you provided into the text. Thanks a lot!

Lisa said...

Billie - I am so proud of you. Not everyone is willing to stand up for what they believe.

Renegade Eye said...

He is being tried in the wrong country.

Border Explorer said...

Lisa, thank you.

Ren, yes--wrong country, and for the wrong crime.

To both of you: thanks for reading/commenting.

Spadoman said...

Once again, a fine job you do. So many Americans don't know of places like the School of the Americas,(now operating at Ft. Benning, GA under a different name) for example, where terrorists are trained.
Our government trains them, then sets them to work here and abroad to wreak havoc on people. Then, they twist and spin the truth to make it sound like we are the heroes and the rest of the world are the terrorists.
Keep yelling. I am too. Busy fighting new strip mines that pollute Lake Superior right now, but I'll be in New Mexico, close to your neighborhood, next week for a while. Might I come down and stand with you? I can yell. I have experience from the RNC.


Suzan said...

I just saw this entry or I would have commented much earlier.

Please add my vote to those who are in awe of your attitude and deeds as you are a person of great courage and integrity (although I can tell you are type who think it's only your duty and being a good person . . . .).

Thanks for documenting this for the world. We need it.

And you.


an average patriot said...

Billie I am so sick of this lie they call a war on drugs. It is a war against our societies and common sense.