Tuesday, February 1, 2011

U.S. undocumented immigrant population holds stable

The undocumented immigrant population in the U.S. remained virtually unchanged across the space of a year at the end of the last decade.
Mexican immigrants compose majority of undocumented immigrants.
There were 11.2 million unauthorized immigrants living in the United States in March 2010, according to new estimates from the Pew Hispanic Center, roughly the same as the year before.
Unauthorized immigrants made up 3.7% of the nation's population in 2010.
The number of unauthorized immigrants in the nation's workforce--8 million in March 2010—did not change from the 2009 estimate either.  They made up 5.2% of the labor force.

The number of children born to at least one unauthorized-immigrant parent in 2009 was 350,000.They comprised 8% of all U.S. births, essentially the same as a year earlier.
Some other key points from the new report are:
    • The decline in the population of unauthorized immigrants from its peak in 2007 appears due mainly to a decrease in the number from Mexico. Mexicans are still the largest group of unauthorized immigrants, 58% of the total.
    • The number of unauthorized immigrants decreased from 2007 to 2010 in Colorado, Florida, New York and Virginia.
    • Bucking the national trend, the combined unauthorized immigrant population increased in Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas from 2007 to 2010.
    • Although the number of unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. is below 2007 levels, it has tripled since 1990, when it was 3.5 million and grown by a third since 2000, when it was 8.4 million.

Why did these changes occur? We don’t know for sure. There are many possible factors.
  • Recovery from the economic recession has been slow and unemployment remains high.
  • We’ve also seen important changes in the level of immigration enforcement and in enforcement strategies, not only by the federal government but also at state and local levels.
  • Immigration also is influenced by conditions in the sending countries. That analysis is beyond the scope of this study.
For more information: The report, "Unauthorized Immigrant Population: National and State Trends, 2010," written by Jeffrey S.Passel and D'Vera Cohn, is available at the Pew Hispanic Center's website, www.pewhispanic.org.


RealityZone said...

I do not believe this survey at all.
I live in the Metro Phoenix Az. area.
They must not have come to my neck of the woods.
The store that I work at is in a mostly hispanic area.
Many many Hispanics have left the area, and Arizona in general.
The first reason was because of our Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Nazi tactics.
The second was the new immigration laws that they passed in Az.
The third is the economy.
These people need to and like to work.
There is hardly any work for them.
So they are going back.
Many foreclosures here are also because Latinos left their houses.

The picture you showed of the little girl broke my heart.
About a year ago I had a little girl like that come into our store. I asked the Aunt of the girl where her mother was.
The little girl told me that her mother had been deported along with her father.
We just sat there and started crying.
More are being deported under O than W.
O broke his promise to the Hispanics about immigration reform in his first year.
They, will not forget this come 2012.

Border Explorer said...

Thanks so much for sharing your experience on this topic. I've also heard that AZ has been hit hard. Important to note that SB1070 passed in Arizona after this survey concluded.

What a sad story of the little girl who lost her parents. We are traumatizing a generation.

RealityZone said...

I have also seen the opposite.

Where the parents have to, or want to, go back.
But the children refuse to go.
Some of the kids do not speak one word of Spanish.
Much less have any idea of what Mexico is all about.
America is their country as much as it is ours.
We have 12 million human beings existing in the shadow of the statue of liberty.
Every day of their life they live in a land of confusion.
Yet some Americans deprive them of any human empathy.
These are the same Americans that just so happened to be born North of the Rio.

Border Explorer said...

You are well-named, Reality Zone! You have your finger on the U.S. reality. We have a choice to make. What kind of nation do we want to be? The immigration debate is just as much about us as it is about migrants. Thanks for your comments.

TomCat said...

I think that the survey is believable, but I can certainly understand how the area under the control of Brewer plus Arpaio would be filled with enough hatred to drive people away.