Friday, March 11, 2011

Activist Marisela Ortiz, under narco (government?) threat, flees Juarez, Mexico

Marisela Ortiz, co-founder of  the organization "That Our Daughters Return Home," a group dedicated to bringing justice to the reality of femicide (the misogynist and systematic  killing of women), fled her home in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico after receiving threats from organized crime groups, according to the State Commissioner for Human Rights (ECHR), Gustavo de la Rosa Hickerson. The news appears in El Diario de Juarez this afternoon.

Ortiz joins social activists--most recently the family of Josefina Reyes Salazar and another member of the organization she founded, Malú García Andrade, who fled to other cities or abroad to protect themselves and their families.

Given the seriousness of these attacks, de la Rosa Hickerson announced that next week he will ask the Interior Ministry to activate the defense mechanism for human rights defenders, says El Diario. It is a mechanism used in Columbia and other countries, explains Hickerson in El Diario.

The threat against the co-founder of the association "That Our Daughters Return Home," was made on a narco-banner posted on the Federal Secondary School No. 60, located in Colonia Juarez, Nuevo, on Thursday, the school where Ortiz taught.

Drug cartels would have little reason to bother themselves over a feminist activist, I would dare to suggest. On the other hand, the Mexican government itself would have a great deal to gain from eliminating a fly-in-their-ointment: a woman who draws embarrassing notice to the state of the Mexican society. The Mexican government, that no longer can guarantee the right to life or basic justice to its citizens, would much prefer that the world does not notice this disturbing omission.

Could it be that the Mexican drug cartels are acting as paramilitary arms of the Mexican government? 

Or, in this nightmarish world of hidden realities, could it be that the Mexican government rids itself of activists by using the methods of the narcos, posting threatening banners like narcos do?

I really don't know. 


Big Mark 243 said...

With as much corruption as there is in the government of Mexico, you have to think that if the cartels want it, then they sanction it.

Femicide... that is a tool of terror used in many places throught the world where there is lawlessness... not wanting to be judgmental but it is a metaphorical tool at the impetancy of the male authority down there...

Joseph de Lange said...

It is hard to believe that a government or drug cartel is interested in threatening a lady against femicide. I try to understand what makes the lady a threat to either organization. It is baffling. My prayer and well wishing goes out to Marisella Ortiz.

Border Explorer said...

The Mexican government does not care to lose face in the world community. The organization that Marisela Ortiz cofounded is an ongoing embarrassment to the government because it continues to draw attention to the criminal impunity that prevails in Mexico. Women are targeted, the violence is getting worse, and the Mexican government is unable to solve this. This is why some theorize that the government is directly or indirectly forcing Ortiz out.

Narcos would have no reason that I can think of, unless they were acting on the behest of some other group or organization (e.g. the Mexican government).