Sunday, March 6, 2011

A blogger meet-up with Spadoman of Round Circle!

The very best benefit of blogging is the relationships we make with wonderful people we never even get to meet. Well, almost never! Last month I had one of those best-of-all-experiences: a blogger meet-up! Spadoman of "Round Circle"  stopped in for a visit in El Paso...and then returned the following week with his wife. Very cool.

Peace activists from way back, the Spadomans joined us on the peace corner where we meet a dozen or so others each Friday at a vigil for peace from noon until 1 PM. The Spadomans are Wisconsonites--fellow Midwesterners--and we hit it off famously (as I fully expected we would).

Spadoman joined Mr. B.E. and I for lunch on the first of his visits. For the second visit, the activist community all met up at the Tejas Cafe for lunch together and a chance to meet and greet. It is a distinguished group, of a sort (they would never claim any distinctions) with many of them resisters of brutal dictators in Latin American countries and of the military-industrial complex here in the good ol' U.S.of A. Mr. and Mrs. Spadoman fit right in!

They left more than happy memories behind. Spadoman, a great friend of the indigenous peoples of this nation, gifted us with a bundle of sage. It hangs in our entryway now, lending a blessing to us as we come and go--and a blessing to all who visit us.

If you're reading this post, consider yourself invited. And--Mr. & Mrs. Spadoman: you're definitely invited back again next year! :)


One Fly said...

Good for everybody.

betmo said...

sounds like a meeting of the best of the best :) i would have loved to have been there in person but my spirit was there with you all :) namaste my fellow bloggers and agitators... :)

Mimi Lenox said...

I would like to meet you all.
LOVE the picture on the corner.

Spadoman said...

It was such a pleasure to stand with you and your man on the corner in El Paso. Mrs. Spadoman loved meeting you and the others as well. It's good to see we not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, still, years after we started standing for peace.
I have a couple of pictures and as soon as I start writing about the adventures of my 6-week trip to the Southwest, I'll post them. Meeting you was a highlight to say the least. we talked about seeking you out and taking you to dinner in Iowa this Summer, so be prepared.
And yes, wish Batmo was with us too!
Thanks for your hospitality. We think the world of you guys.